About Fancom

Fancom offers complete control solutions for the daily operational management of pig and poultry farms to improve productivity.

Our objective is to create the optimum conditions for our customers, both in the buildings that house the animals and in their operational management. We do this by combining climate control, feeding automation, biometrics and data management in such a way that the synergy this creates gives you the optimal benefits.

Sustainable Livestock Husbandry

We are convinced that the future landscape of livestock husbandry will be determined by the choices we make today. The exploding population rate combined with economic growth will result in a massive demand for animal proteins. Upscaling is therefore unavoidable. However, it should take place in a responsible and sustainable manner, with the fullest attention for transparency, food safety and animal welfare.

Welfare for people and animals

Fancom’s ambition with iFarming is to create a new, global benchmark for animal welfare in livestock husbandry systems. To make this ambition a reality we are engaged in a continual search for new, innovative technology that will help create efficient house management and enable animal welfare to be measured. Consumers consider animal welfare to be paramount. They determine the quality of food not only by the safety of the end product, but they also require safeguards about the welfare of the animals used to produce that food.