iFarming broiler housing

Climate for broilers

iFarming is not wishful thinking, it is now a daily reality. Growing numbers of poultry farmers are already reaping the benefits of this intelligent form of operational management. After all, you are faced by a market that is characterised by more rapid change than ever before. Rising costs for feed and energy are placing increasing pressure on your profit margins. In addition, the market demands sustainable and responsible production methods.

Upscaling and spreading activities over various different locations are becoming more common. However, you still want to be able to permanently monitor the processes in your house. Are your birds healthy? How much feed and water is being consumed? Is the fat/protein ratio in balance? Are the birds growing as expected or should I change my delivery schedules? All these are elements that you can influence, provided you have things well under control.

IFarming offers you the tools for the efficient daily management of your farm. iFarming is supported by our tried and tested systems for climate control, automatic feeding and biometrics. Our data management solutions integrate these elements so that they create valuable synergies.