At Fancom we believe as the demand for meat increases by more than 40% in the next 40 years, intensification is the only viable option.

iFarming - Fancom’s solution for future livestock farmingSatisfying the demand of over 9 billion people will increase the worldwide number of livestock and scale of farms they are raised on. With a decreasing number of farmers, each will have to care for a larger number of animals. Consequently whilst society demands that animals are entitled to receive individual attention, less time will be available to meet this demand which creates challenges. As the scale and complexity increases this forces us to look at new techniques to provide the answers.

Sustainable solution

The key is to put the animal at the center of the equation, allowing them to tell us what is going on. Are they experiencing good welfare, are they healthy and do they demonstrate normal behavior. iFarming is therefore characterized by the automatic and continuous monitoring of all ambient conditions in the house, combined with animal-based measurements, resulting in a sustainable and profitable production!