Balanced mushroom growing

From compost to mushroom

Conditions for balanced mushroom growing
From compost to mushroom, Fancom creates the conditions for balanced mushroom growing. Fancom has a climate computer suitable for each phase of the production process, from fermentation to harvest. A simple way to increase the efficiency of your operational management.

Simple operation
Our controllers are easy to use. There is a separate key for each function. Settings and measurements are clearly shown on the extensive display.

Cost reduction and quality improvement
Fancom has been active in the mushroom sector since 1980 and many of our first systems are still up and running - to the complete satisfaction of the users. Future proof, long term solutions are our strong point. Together with our installers we devise solutions for tomorrow's mushroom growing industry, aimed at cost reduction, quality improvement and energy saving. And what if different requirements are set in the future? Then we will identify them in time, together with our customers, and react to them. We call this ' Forward thinking'. This is a commitment we can make because we are the leaders in our industry.