iFarming starts by regulating an optimal climate in the house, regardless of the outdoor conditions.

A balanced and correct climate promotes the growth and health of your animals and saves you costs for feed, water and energy. With a good climate control system, extreme weather conditions and sharply fluctuating temperatures will have no influence on the house climate. You are in control, not the conditions.

We supply intelligent control computers and corresponding peripheral equipment that regulate the entire climate process, from the incoming air right up to air scrubbers for the exhaust air. For every house and all climate situations. Our climate policy is aimed at sustainable profits. We save on ventilation and heating and cooling, without compromising quality. On the contrary.

Air inlet

Fantura Air InletOur air inlet system ensures all the animals in the house have sufficient fresh air, without draughts or cold patches. The Fantura air inlet system is unique. A special jet stream bundles the incoming air, creating a better throw so that no more cold air drops onto your animals.

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ERA 33 HeaterWe create a pleasant house climate for your animals. We offer a wide range of heating systems including delta and/or twin tubes that warm up the incoming air using water flowing through aluminium tubes. We also offer forced air heaters. Both systems provide efficient radiant heat directly to the animals so heat loss is minimised.


We also offer various cooling systems to maintain productivity levels during warm periods. Cooling units cool the incoming air using water that flows through a synthetic pad. This cooling method gives excellent results and uses a minimum of energy.

A good solution for houses equipped with air inlet valves is to cool the incoming air using a high-pressure mist. During this evaporation process, heat is extracted from air which lowers the temperature. High-pressure cooling is simple, effective and extremely reliable.


Greenline ExtremeFancom is the first choice in situations where energy efficient and low maintenance lighting is required. Our fittings have been especially developed for use in pig houses. The electronic controls are well protected against the often aggressive conditions and have been designed for a long working life.


ATM63Your animals will be healthier in a house with a good ventilation system that removes damaging substances such as CO2, NH3, moisture and dust and supplies oxygen-rich air. We invest in energy efficient, low-noise fans that can be accurately controlled. The complete fans from Fancom are incredibly easy to mount in or on the wall. Fancom supplies the fan in a robust, dimensionally stable synthetic module so it can be mounted underneath a chimney. We have also developed the world's most accurate flow measurement. Supremely accurate ventilation is achieved through a patented airflow transmitter. This ensures that the animals always have the right amount of fresh air. Never too much. And never too little.​

Air scrubbers

Uniqfill Air ScrubberFancom offers a comprehensive range of patented Uniqfill air scrubbers. Uniqfill air scrubbers guarantee a trouble-free, long operating life for low running costs. Our biological, chemical and combi-scrubbers form a cost effective solution to extract huge amounts of ammonia, odour and dust particles from the air emitted from animal housing.