The automated climate, feed and biometric processes form a valuable source of information in your house.

They provide information about the environment the animals are living in, their individual behaviour and the feed and water consumption.

The unifying link with iFarming is through our management software. This software automatically gathers, processes and presents the information in tables and graphs. The result is a wealth of management data that allows you to steer towards improvements based on facts and figures. Registration is learning!

F-Central FarmManager™

Biometrics for pigsF-Central FarmManager™ software links you to your houses 24 hours a day. You can check on the situation in the house, no matter where you are in the world. Any alarms can be sent to your PC, tablet computer or smartphone. And, if necessary, you can adjust the settings in the control computers remotely to improve the processes in the house. The result is a perfect overview of your company and insight into production costs and the technical results.

FarmManager For Finishers™

FarmManager for Finishers™ is an additional component in the F-Central FarmManager™ range. It registers and clearly shows the most important performance indicators in the house, such as growth, feed and water consumption and activity. FarmManager for Finishers™ automatically combines that latest data from the climate, feed and weighing computers in the house so that you can monitor production daily and compare and benchmark the results. You can also compare the latest information from your houses with the standard index figures, with the farm average, the group average, or with data from previous production cycles.