Feed costs are an important cost item on your farm. No wonder that you want to keep these costs in check in a smart way. Fancom feeding systems help you accurately manage the rations and keep feed costs under control. As each house is different, there are various solutions within iFarming, both for dry feeding and liquid feeding.

Chore-TimeAn automated feeding process offers many practical advantages. You know that your animals are automatically given the right feed ration. For even better performance, the feed composition can also be easily adapted to suit the animals' needs. Extensive signal functions safeguard the feeding process and warn in time of situations where preventive action may be needed.

Feed storage & transport

The silos have a patented lid and weather protection guard to prevent water entering the hopper and the boot area. The patented ladder system and the additional entrance in the hopper not only make your silo safer but also much more practical in daily use. The auger conveyor is energy-efficient and stands for years of problem-free operation. The chain conveyor system ensures, even in the most complex housing situations, that feed reaches the animals quickly and effortlessly, directly into the feeding trough or through dispensers.

Feeding place​

To create a comfortable feeding place, you can choose from a whole range of troughs, dry feed troughs and feed dispensers. Fancom is also supplier of choice when it comes to fully automatic feeding systems such as the Intellitek sow feeding station, individual sow feeding in the farrowing house using the FaroTek system or the Rondomat computer-controlled pig feeder.


For accurate individual feeding to suit the needs of the animals, you can choose a system that doses the right portion in the right composition per feeding place. The weigher/blender weight highly accurately and ensures the various ingredients are blended carefully. The computer precisely calculates the size and blend of the portions per valve. Installing your own on-farm compound feed plant is also an option. You can incorporate cereals and other field grown produce into your animals' feed, so you can keep the cost of feed under control. We can supply all the equipment needed to store, mill or crush the ingredients.