We go to extremes to create the optimal conditions. Our systems are total solutions consisting of a Lumina control computer, Greenline peripheral equipment and expert knowledge of the growth processes of animals.

These elements are designed to harmonise and mutually consolidate. Producers can rely on a user friendly and proven system and so get the best performance from their animals for minimum costs. The result will be reflected in the annual figures.

Lumina control computers

Products for pig houses The Lumina series of control computers features the latest new touch screen operation technologies. One finger is enough to have full control of the climate, feed and weighing computers in the house.

There is also a Lumina complete house solution that enables you to operate several control computers through one central touch screen. An extra advantage of this central control system is that the animal data only needs to be changed in one place. The 'swipe' function lets the user browse through the different process control units in the house. Remote operation by smartphone or tablet computer is also possible.

Greenline peripheral equipment

IF80 C FanAll Fancom component parts are selected for reliability, high quality and functionality. They are the beating heart of your company and will never let you down. This allows us to create the optimal conditions in every house. All Fancom equipment is iFarm-proof meaning that any developments and innovations in the future can be seamlessly integrated into your existing equipment. We call this ‘Forward thinking’!

Smart Feeding

Intellitek - Electronic Sow Feeding StationIntellitek - Electronic Sow Feeding (ESF)

Fancom’s Intellitek Electronic Sow Feeding System is based on sow behavior and best management practices. This is the most advanced electronic sow feeding system available for group sow housing. Automatically feeding individual sows in group housing helps control feed costs and keeps sows in top condition.

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Farotek dry feed dispenserFarotek - Farrowing Feeder

The Fancom Farotek Farrowing Feeder enables farrowed sows to eat multiple times throughout the day. This helps the sow to increase feed intake, to maximize milk production for producing more uniform piglets and to reduce body weight loss. To activate the feeder and dispense feed, the sow simply touches her nose to a sensor located at the top of the feed trough. Sows are fed using individualized feed curves which can be easily adapted to each sow’s needs.

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Rondomat - Automatic feeder for pigletsRondomat - Nursery Feeder

The Fancom Rondomat Nursery Feeder is a sensor-controlled automatic feeder for piglets to help ensure a smooth post-weaning transition to grain-based feed. The newly-weaned piglets are given immediate access to clean, fresh feed without having to learn how to operate the feeder. The loss rate of small weaned piglets is significantly reduced. The result is optimal health with good daily growth.

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