How we use data to make better decisions

Harry Heath is Farm Manager at the family owned Whitley Manor Farm, near Newport in Shropshire, UK, which comprises 560 sows from which they sell about 15.000 finishers per year. In this video Harry explains how they choose and use new technology to better monitor and measure the pig production process.

Harry Heath - Whitley Manor Farm - Shropshire - United Kingdom



Fantura inlet system

The farm uses Fancom ventilation, supplied by JF McKenna. “Getting the ventilation right is a really important part in any pig building project. We really like the innovative design of the Fantura inlet that we have used in the project. The spoiler at the top allows air velocity to be retained even at minimum ventilation rates, which allows for a more consistent, better airflow across the building”.

Pig Cough Monitor

They also use the Fancom Pig Cough Monitor. They have installed two microphones in every room. “This gives us an early warning to the onset of any respiratory diseases which helps us ensure that we keep animal welfare at the highest standards. It also reduces the use of antibiotics”.

eYeNamic behavior monitor

To continuously monitor the pigs movement to pick up on abnormal behaviours early on, they use the Fancom eYeNamic system for pigs. “For example, before the visible onset of a disease or health challenge, the pigs will move about less. The sensor will detect the drop in activity and helps us respond accordingly.

The main reason to adopt these technologies is because they provide them with a valuable level of information. “Information that helps us enhance animal welfare and performance whilst ensuring we deliver a good product to the consumer!”

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