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Fancom is leading in helping poultry and pig producers improve processes in livestock houses. See below what we can do for you.

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Fancom is leading in helping poultry and pig producers improve processes in livestock houses. Thanks to smart climate, feeding and biometric systems, sensors and control computers, we improve your operating results and the living conditions of your livestock. See our solutions for livestock houses and products here.

iFarming is our comprehensive house system. The most powerful and reliable smartfarm system on the market and already used worldwide. Read more about the possibilities and the returns we can offer you with iFarming here.

With more than 200 distributors, dealers and partners, Fancom has a global presence.

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  • 27.11.2018 Jan Haenraets celebrates 40 years at Fancom

    On 1 December we will celebrate the 40th work anniversary of our colleague Jan Haenraets. Jan has worked at Fancom since its very beginning, as an engineer at our Technical Service department. He has ... Read more

    Jan Haenraets on tour
  • 27.11.2018 Successful Fast Forward distributor meeting

    The Distributor Meeting took place in the weekend of 9 and 10 November. Together with our main distributors in Europe, Canada and North and Latin America, we prepared for our joint participation at Eu... Read more

    Fast Forward distributor meeting team
  • 27.11.2018 eYeGrow eye-catcher at Eurotier

    At Eurotier the increasing need of pig producers for a reliable system that enables their finishers to be tracked from day to day was evident. The options offered by Fancom’s eYeGrow perfectly answer ... Read more

    eYeGrow at Eurotier 2018
  • 08.11.2018 New Fantura double ceiling inlet for the best growth conditions

    Fancom introduces a unique inlet, especially for houses with ceiling ventilation, that ensures a constant, uniform supply of fresh air throughout the house, even in extremely wide buildings. It effect... Read more

  • 06.11.2018 Farms in Australia are now using Fancom's eYeGrow

    Farms in Australia are now using Fancom’s award winning eYeGrow. With many integrators putting a major focus on Precision Livestock farming, Fancom's distributor Metrowest recently installed its first... Read more

  • 18.06.2018 Fancom Remote App: any place, any time access to your farm

    The new Fancom Remote App offers the farmer a complete overview of the actual situation of his farm, any time, any place.... Read more

  • 24.05.2018 eYeGrow no-stress permanent weighing of finishers

    At VIV Europe in the Netherlands, Fancom will be showing eYeGrow, a complete new 3D camera system for the weighing of finishers. eYeGrow allows the development of a group of finishers to be followed f... Read more

  • 24.05.2018 IFarming | Putting a number on sustainability

    In the innovation gallery at VIV Europe, Fancom will present its vision of the opportunities provided by an automatic sustainability dashboard. This dashboard collects data generated by the house comp... Read more

    Sustainability Dashboard
  • 24.05.2018 New Fantura ceiling inlet and Fantura sliding inlet

    During VIV Europe, Fancom will be displaying two new Fantura air inlet systems. Fancom's successful Fantura air inlet system has been expanded with the addition of a ceiling inlet and a sliding inlet.... Read more

    Plafondventiel Fantura.JPG
  • 18.05.2018 Fancom at CAHE China

    NEXT STEP IN  CONTROL! As usual Fancom will attend the CAHE 2018 in China! We will be there to introduce our new products, which include our new eYeGrow camera based pig weight system and our upgra... Read more



Brand new mushroom production facility in Israel

Brand new mushroom production facility in Israel

One of the largest growers in Israel decided in 2015 to build a new facility. Our distributor GTL Europe was given the order to build 6 growing rooms with a total growing surface of 8100 m². In 2017 and 2018 the facility was expanded with a total of 30 rooms, adding 20.250 m² of growing surface. The farm is equipped with our 765.e climate computers and 767 watering computers which control the FTNON watering system.


Fantura ceiling inlet system for Cecelski poultry house

Fantura ceiling inlet system for Cecelski poultry house

In September 2018 the Cecelski poultry farm started operating. This house measures 114 m long and is 20 m wide. The project was realised by our new Polish dealer Rol-Tech-Mar. The use of ceiling ventilation is the immediately striking feature of this poultry house. An ideal project to apply our new Fantura ceiling inlet system.


Whiteshire Airworks uses Fancom for optimum control of their system

Whiteshire Airworks uses Fancom for optimum control of their system

Whiteshire Hamroc is an Indiana-based family farming operation. Through the years, they have developed improved systems for their farm and are proud to share these innovations with their customers in the U.S. and around the world. One of these innovations is the Airworks Vertical Ventilation design. For their new 6000 head Wean to Finish barn they chose Fancom for the automation.


Fantura reaches Western Australia

Fantura reaches Western Australia

Our distributor Metrowest recently installed a new project for Chandala Poultry. This farm is the first farm in Western Australia using the Fantura air inlet system. Chandala Poultry is contract grower for Ingham. Metrowest is a turnkey provider for the poultry market who uses Fancom equipment in combination with their own services. They recently expanded their activities to the pig industry as well.


Project overview

Forward thinking in
sustainable livestock houses.

Forward thinking in
sustainable livestock houses.