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Fancom is leading in helping poultry and pig producers improve processes in livestock houses. See below what we can do for you.

iFarming - because you deserve better!

Fancom is leading in helping poultry and pig producers improve processes in livestock houses. Thanks to smart climate, feeding and biometric systems, sensors and control computers, we improve your operating results and the living conditions of your livestock. See our solutions for livestock houses and products or download our white papers with more interesting information.

iFarming is our comprehensive house system. The most powerful and reliable smart farming system on the market and already used worldwide. Read more about the possibilities and the returns we can offer you with iFarming here.

With more than 200 distributors, dealers and partners, Fancom has a global presence.

Are you a pig producer,
do you farm layers
or do you produce mushrooms?

Then iFarming is your guarantee 
for higher returns 
for lower costs.

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  • 17.12.2020 Lumina Touch+ creates overview in switch box

    Earlier this year we introduced the Lumina Touch+, the familiar Lumina control computer but with an extra large, 12 inch operating screen. The Touch+ version has been welcomed by the market and when i... Read more

    Lumina Touch+ in switchbox
  • 17.12.2020 Online activities a success in challenging times

    The sales force at Fancom has never spent so much time in its home territory as this year. In a normal year some of them usually travel abroad two-thirds of the time, but in this extraordinary year we... Read more

    Online Sales Meeting
  • 23.11.2020 Better compost quality with the upgraded Fancom Lumina 751 fermentation computer

    Whether it's open, semi-open or closed bunkers, the upgraded Lumina 751 creates the perfect nutrient medium to grow mushrooms. The update is available immediately and makes the fermentation process ev... Read more

    Bunker Lumina 751
  • 29.10.2020 Technical Service progressing on the digital highway

    Since March of this year, we have been faced with severe travel restrictions that make it difficult for our team to visit customers. Despite this, technical support for our customers has continued. Af... Read more

    Intellitek online support
  • 29.10.2020 Several students work at Fancom

    It's something you maybe wouldn't realise, the offices at Fancom are empty and nearly everyone is working from home. Even so, there are currently several students working for us.... Read more

    Werken bij Fancom - Software
  • 25.08.2020 Updated Lumina 750 tunnel computer is ready for the future

    A new version of the Lumina 750 tunnel computer is available, which ensures optimum climate conditions during phase II and III processes in tunnel systems for mushroom cultivation.... Read more

    Phase 2-3 - Pasteurisation tunnel
  • 20.07.2020 Lumina Touch+ with extra large operating screen

    For added ease of operation, the Fancom Lumina control computers are now also available with an extra large,12 inch operating screen. This larger screen makes it easier to readout information on the s... Read more

    Lumina Touch Plus - Section
  • 15.07.2020 No attendance by Fancom at trade fairs in 2020

    In light of the uncertain developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Fancom has decided not to attend any trade fairs in 2020.... Read more

    eYeGrow at Eurotier 2018
  • 29.06.2020 Simon Haazen appointed Area Sales Manager at Fancom

    As of 1 July 2020, Simon Haazen will start working at Fancom as an Area Sales Manager. In his new role, Simon will be responsible for sales and commercial support for our customers in Scandinavia and ... Read more

    Simon Haazen - Area Sales Manager
  • 02.06.2020 DesertControl in Lumina poultry computers prevents heat stress in young animals

    With extremely high outdoor temperatures, young chicks can also experience heat stress. The solution is the new DesertControl functionality in Lumina poultry computers. This automatically ensures that... Read more

    Farm in hot climate

More news


Intellitek for new sow house for gestating sows

Intellitek for new sow house for gestating sows

In Agelo, in the province of Overijssel (NL) our partner Installatiebedrijf FH Loohuis BV Saasveld installed the new sow house for gestating sows at the farm owned by the Lansink family.

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New broiler farm in Poland

New broiler farm in Poland

Near Płock, west of Warsaw in Poland, our Polish partner Rol-Tech-Mar has realized a completely new broiler farm for one of its customers.

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Exceptional broiler breeder house with MTT Stairstep

Exceptional broiler breeder house with MTT Stairstep

At the Highveld Gauteng site in South Africa, our partner Dorna Distributors realised a completely new project using the Fancom MTT Stairstep ventilation system in four broiler breeder houses.

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Fantura air inlet system highly valued in practice

Fantura air inlet system highly valued in practice

In Hijken, in the province of Drenthe , our partner Geissler Installatietechniek realised the complete installation with Fancom automated systems in four new broiler houses. The new build extends the existing broiler farm with a further six houses, which now accommodate over 400,000 broilers.

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Project overview

Forward thinking in
sustainable livestock houses.

Forward thinking in
sustainable livestock houses.