Forward thinking - Fancom is leading in helping poultry producers, pig producers and mushroom growers improve processes in livestock houses and growing rooms. Thanks to smart climate, feeding and biometric systems, sensors and control computers, we improve your operating results and the living conditions of your livestock.


Fancom exports its fully automated house technology under the name iFarming™ to farmers and cooperatives in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Future-proof and innovative technology for livestock houses that enables farmers to produce more efficiently, uniformly, safely and profitably in a way that respects animals and the environment. At a reduced cost, with less waste and a lower labour input.

Smart farming, a process whereby animal welfare is the crucial, and quality enhancing, factor. Because healthy livestock performs better and boosts your profits.


Fancom is a Dutch company based in Panningen in the province of Limburg. Located at the heart of an extensive region with a high concentration of pig and poultry producers.

In this region of intensive animal husbandry, there was a growing need for climate control and management systems. This prompted Fancom to start developing climate control systems for animal housing some 40 years ago.

From a role as a pioneer, inventor and expert in that field, over the course of four decades Fancom has evolved into a leading knowledge, development and production company and the recognised authority in precision livestock farming.

Fancom Group

Fancom is now a division of the renowned, USA-based CTB concern, whose primary mission is global food provision.

This has facilitated intensive cooperation between Fancom and sister companies such as ChoreTime (automated feeding systems) and Uniqfill (air scrubbers).

Combined with Fancom's own hardware and software expertise, this close partnership has resulted in the total concept of iFarming. Technology for animal housing with each element designed for 100% technical harmonisation.

Knowledge authority

Fancom thinks in terms of the future and cooperates intensively with leading research institutes and universities. One in five Fancom employees is engaged in research and development.

But our knowledge capital also has an impressive track record in practice. A significant proportion of the staff at Fancom has been recruited from the agricultural sector.

This keeps Fancom firmly rooted in reality. Newly-developed innovations are always fully trialled in practical situations.