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The farming profession entails risk. As the profit margins are often under severe pressure, any mistakes must be avoided to manage the costs at an acceptable level. The necessary investments often involve a major capital injection and are made on the basis of long-term revenue and profit projections, so it is absolutely vital to reach these targets too.

To measure is to know

Automating the processes in a house offers multiple advantages, but the fact that everything is monitored and registered is certainly one of them. Registration is not limited to the house temperature or wind speed. What is really important are the key indicators that directly impact on costs and the expected growth targets - such as feed conversion, weight measurements, and mortality. Data that creates insight into the status of your operational management 24/7. The result of automation is a perfect overview of the entire farm, where nothing is left to chance. This gives you with the data you need to make better management decisions. Well-arranged and displayed to suit your way of working; per section, per house or per farm.

Price fluctuations require continuous insight to make sure you reach your projected targets.

Prevent errors

What motivates your decisions to make changes in the house or leave a situation as it is? You may base your decisions on your own intuition and experience in identifying problems, for example, because you have observed changes in animals behaviour. But did you see the wider picture? After all, it’s impossible to be in more than one place at any time. And, do you trust others to take such important decisions? 

Automating the various processes helps prevent errors, by alerting you in time to potential problems, registering the cause of the issue and how the problem was solved. Automation provides you with, and analyses, data 24/7 to equip you to make the right decisions. Not only clear and transparent for yourself, but also for your employees. They have the correct information and you have granted authorisation for them to take action.

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As far as the climate is concerned, all the equipment must be geared to work together. Not only to create an optimal house climate, but also to avoid wasting resources and causing unnecessary costs. You also want the safeguard that settings can be adapted to suit changing circumstances. And that this is also done even if you are not on site at the house.   

Fancom's farm automation solutions offer that security and peace of mind. Thanks to our experience, you can rely on an optimal house climate and the ideal conditions for your animals. If you want to continually monitor the situation yourself, we offer solutions that give you access to all the house data remotely from any location and enables you to adjust the settings. And, finally, we can arrange for you (or a colleague) to be alerted of any potential problems so you can intervene. Giving you the assurance that you can respond in time and avoid disrupting the processes in the house.

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Feeding systems 

What could be worse than discovering that the animals have not been fed for a while because of a malfunction in the feeding system? Or that they have been given the wrong feed or the wrong portion. To make mistakes is human. An automated feeding system can prevent mistakes that might have been made due to human error. The feed computers are set to your precise requirements and will accurately dose feed according to the settings and the continuously measured environment variables.

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Monitoring gives you a good idea of whether the projected performance targets will be met or not. Water consumption, animal dynamics and weight provide a good forecast of the end results. The data generated by these measurements is available real time so that any abnormal values are reported immediately.

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