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Time is money, especially for busy farmers. Farming is a lifestyle and a profession that is characterised by hard work and little time for leisure. Combined with the growing scale of farms, and the many extra tasks this involves, and the fact that labour increasingly has to be sourced externally rather than from within the family, means that time management has to be as efficient and effective as possible. After all, contracting external labour is a costly exercise. It is vital to increase the productivity of the available labour. To do so, automation is essential.

Alerts instead of inspections

A farmer can spend a lot of valuable time inspecting and checking all the aspects that influence animal welfare. This can vary from filling the water and feeding systems to checking temperature and humidity in the house. Automation, however, enables these physical checks to be minimised. The current status of the house can be monitored on a dashboard and alarm alerts only need to be responded to if sensors warn of values that deviate from the set values.  This saves time otherwise spent on routine activities without compromising the technical results.


As farms continue to expand in size, automation offers the possibility to manage multiple sites from one central location. Detailed and customised reports can also be generated automatically for a clear insight into the current house status. This enables the results from different houses and sites to be compared. Finally, automation free your dependence on location-based management by facilitating remote control of activities in a house. Some automated systems can already be operated from an app on a smart phone. 

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Fancom’ climate computers can be configured by our experienced service staff, entirely in line with your wishes and specific situation. This guarantees a good climate in the house, and all you need to do is respond to alerts of possible malfunctions.  The user-friendly interface is operated intuitively to offer ultimate ease of use.

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Feeding is a daily, routine task that is easy to automate. Fancom's feed computers ensure that the right feed in the right quantity is offered to the right animal at the right time. The result - huge time savings. If a malfunction occurs - or signs indicate a possible systems failure - you will be alerted and can respond adequately to prevent disruption to the operational processes.

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Fancom supplies automatic measurement tools that eliminate the need to perform measurement manually. The measurement results are also processed immediately by the controller so you can access the data anywhere and at any time and take action, if necessary. This saves you plenty of time that can be better spent on other things.

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