iFarming is the outcome of four decades of research and development in the Fancom Group. The system of Intelligent Farming that seamlessly integrates all the processes in your houses. For reliable, problem-free operation.

The result of smart farming is a single, dependable, overarching system with high operational reliability. That is the Fancom guarantee. 

Fancom, one supplier, one contact

By definition, iFarming™ from Fancom gives you an integral system provided by a single supplier. Should any complications occur, you only have to deal with one party. And that is Fancom. So no discussions about who is responsible for what. 

iFarming, because you deserve better!

Equipped to cope with future innovation

Any modifications or improvements to e.g. the software in the future, or expanded technical features (i.e. energy saving innovations, or further reduction of ammonia emissions), can be integrated smoothly. Without compromising the stability of the chain. Because each element has been extensively tested in advance.

Achieve a higher, safer output with a lower labour input.

Fancom's vision

"In 2050 the global demand for food will have doubled, while the number of producers is declining. Responsible and intensive food production will only remain possible if producers can achieve a higher, safer output using a lower labour input.
This makes advanced technology for precision livestock farming indispensable. Fancom sees its role as the pioneer to provide food producers with this capability. Today and tomorrow."

Fancom's mission

“Fancom wants to facilitate future-proof, sustainable and profitable food production for the human race worldwide, with animal welfare and respect for the environment as the guiding and fundamental principles. Whereby sustainability and animal welfare not only serve people and the planet but are also critical factors in enabling producers to produce with greater profitability.”