The better the animal performance, the higher the profits

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This sounds logical, but in practice getting your animals to deliver an optimal performance is an ongoing challenge faced by every pig and poultry producer. The house climate, the outdoor conditions, feed quality and farm management strategy all directly impact on the health of the animals and their performance. The art is aligning all these processes to achieve the maximum potential, recognising abnormalities in a time and immediately taking action to correct and steer the processes when necessary. Many forms of smart technology can help farmers automatically monitor and control the processes. But a farmer’s intuition, power of observation and experience are often far more valuable than technology alone.

Give the animals a flying start

There are still farmers who rely entirely on the post-mortem assessments of the slaughterhouse. By this time, it's too late and you are powerless to make changes. The greatest gains can be make right at the very beginning of the growth process. In these first few weeks the organs and skeleton start to develop and the foundations are laid for a healthy immune system. This is the time, such as the nursery phase of piglets or when the flock is set up, that all the conditions in the house must be absolutely right. If not, the animals will not get off to a flying start. This has a negative impact on animal performance, increases the risk of mortality, and can cause additional mortality at a later stage. There is also a higher risk of the animals being rejected at the abattoir, which will effect profitability.


How to create optimal animal performance

Insight into all processes in the house is vital if you aim to achieve optimal profits. Fancom's fully automated farm technology gives you a clear idea of the status of your livestock houses at any time of the day. Whether it's the house climate, animal behaviour or feed and water distribution, you have 100% up to date information and can organise your processes efficiently!

A correctly controlled climate with optimally synchronised interaction between the air inlets and outlets, exhaust system, heating and cooling ensures the best thermal comfort for the animals, whatever the outdoor conditions. Temperature fluctuations - or even worse - draughts must be avoided at all times in the house. Extra sensors measure the relative humidity, CO² of ammonia concentration and monitor the air quality to prevent respiratory infections.

To satisfy the nutritional needs of the animals, automatic feeding systems are used that enable the size and composition of the feed rations to be portioned precisely and dispensed per feeding place according to the animals’ needs. Feed rations are dispensed precisely according to the settings in the feed curve, while the gradual transition from one feed type to another ensures better animal growth and less susceptibility to disease.

Abnormal animal behaviour, falling production and weight loss are just a few signs that can indicate a lot about the situation in your house. A system for total farm automation also includes various reliable measuring tools that observe animal behaviour and monitor the production processes in your house, such as animal weighing and automatic egg counting. 

Learn through registration

A total farm automation system not only reduces the labour input, but also gives you access to valuable data about the houses and your animals. Special analysis software on your PC enables data analyse in a correct and user-friendly format so that this data is converted into valuable management information. Information that is easily analysed and compared, to give you greater knowledge and insight into animal performances, farm processes, economic consequences and possibilities to improve the performance. Registration equates to learning, and this knowledge translates into better animal welfare and higher profitability.


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