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Fancom pig or poultry climate control system

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“The best thing we have in our house is the Fancom equipment"

That quote comes from Ed Warner, a poultry producer with more than 500,000 birds. “The Fancom equipment creates the best possible performance and gives a great overview.  We have insight into the results in our houses, 24/7. When we built our first two complexes, we closely examined and compared all the available systems. Fancom's equipment was the winner and their service and the reliability of the systems and equipment are outstanding. So when the time came to build our third and fourth poultry complexes, we got in touch immediately with Fancom and JF McKenna to arrange everything. Their approach takes all the hard work out of our hands, so we can concentrate on our core business." Watch the film with Ed Warner here.

What is a climate computer?

A climate computer collects all the measurement data from your growing rooms or livestock houses. This gives you continuous insight into the climate status and other associated parameters, including the temperature and humidity, but also the presence of substances such as ammonia, dust and even the noise levels. In addition, the central exhaust will be regulated.

Lumina 21 & Infinia Remote App

How does it work?

This climate control constantly provides up-to-date and reliable information about your livestock houses. This data is presented in clear and easy to read screens. So that not just you - the livestock farmer - but also your stock people or other employees can understand the data. You can see at a glance what the situation is in the buildings. This is extremely useful as it gives you insight into the data even when you are not on site.

Poultry climate control systems and controllers for pigs are available, as well as equipment for other functionalities, such as feed computers and weighing computers for poultry and pigs. These control computers can be linked, giving you a clear overview of all the separate components in the livestock house.

Curious to discover which climate controller we recommend for your farm? Please contact us and we will explain without any obligation!


Who can benefit from a climate computer?

In data-driven sectors such as pig farming, poultry farming and mushroom growing, access to data is extremely important. This data provides all the valuable information you need.

If you are a forward thinking entrepreneur active in the agricultural sector, climate computers could be ideal for your situation. Fancom developed these specifically for pig farmers, broiler and layer producers and mushroom growers. Do you belong to one of these categories? Please contact us! We are happy to give you personal advice on how temperature control for poultry or pigs can benefit you.

What kind of pig or poultry climate control systems are available?

Lumina 20-21 climate control for pig houses

The Lumina 20 – 21 can control 8 to 24 sections. One Lumina 20 or 21 climate control is sufficient for intelligent, accurate and energy efficient climate control in all sections. Our customers appreciate the simple operation, wide range of functionality and accurate 24/7 overview.

Read more about the Lumina 20 en 21 here

Lumina 17 climate control for large sections in pig houses

The Lumina 17 - a computer specifically developed for large sections- regulates a gradual climate transition from minimum to maximum values, without temperature fluctuations and with automatic compensation for outdoor conditions. But the Lumina 17 has many more features: options include controlling the feed system with a filling system and  feed consumption registration.

Read more about the Lumina 17 here

Lumina 37 and 38 poultry climate control system

The Lumina 37 and 38 make it easy to create the optimal climate for your poultry and save on energy costs. In addition, these computers can also dose feed and water, and register consumption, and thanks to the light control you can simulate the optimal day and night conditions.

Read more about the Lumina 37 and 38 here

Why choose a Fancom climate control system for poultry or pigs?

Fancom is a global leader in improving processes in livestock houses. For the benefit of pig farmers, poultry farmers and mushroom growers. By developing intelligent systems for computers that control the house climate, we contribute to better operating results for you. In part, thanks to creating a better living environment for your animals.

Our progressive, forward looking focus and constant drive for innovation makes Fancom a partner for the future. Interested to find out how we can help you? Contact us! We are happy to help you!

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