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Smart climate control for pigs

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Thanks to a good climate control system for pigs, extreme weather conditions and sharply fluctuating day and night temperatures have no influence on your house climate. Your pigs live in a well-controlled climatic environment. This benefits their growth and health. You have full control over a sustainable and profitable production process, resulting in cost savings for feed, water and energy.

Wide ranging options of climate control for pigs

There are multiple factors to consider when choosing the optimal climate control system. How the house is configured and the climate zone it is located in, are both important principles. Local regulations in your region may also affect the type of climate system you choose. Fancom offers a suitable climate control system for every farm.


Climate control in separate sections

If your animals are housed in separate sections, our NatuFlow system offers the perfect solution. The correct ventilation levels are achieved though air speed measurement using our ATM air measurement and control units. The fans are only activated if there is too little natural ventilation. So they only operate when absolutely necessary. This ensures there is always enough fresh air for your animals using a minimum of energy.


If legislation requires the use of an air scrubber, then choose the CentralFlow central exhaust system. All the air is extracted through a central air exhaust duct, so the air exiting the house can be filtered. You can also determine the emission point of your house using the CentralFlow system. 


If a simple ventilation system, where precise fresh air measurement is less important, better suits your situation, our Easyflow system is the answer. This also gives you complete control over the house climate and saves you energy.

Climate control in large sections

If you keep your pigs in large groups or use a group housing system, our PowerFlow system offers the perfect solution. The sophisticated system creates a uniform climate throughout the entire section. The system ensures a good indoor climate, under all outdoor climate conditions. Energy saving, high uniformity and improved growth are the most important results of this form of climate control.


It starts with the correct controller

Each system requires its own climate controller. Our Lumina and Aura product ranges offer the right control functionality to create the desired indoor climate. Intelligent controls such as the Optisec control, for example, provide a more fine-tuned system for pigs.

Our climate controllers for pigs

Lumina 21 - Section.png

Lumina 20 and 21 climate controllers

  • Comprehensive climate control for maximum 24 sections
  • EasyFeed feed control for feed and water dosing and registration

More information about the Lumina 20/21


Aura 12 and 14 climate controllers

  • Efficiency in ventilation with the most accurate airflow measurement
  • Efficient operation saves time and prevents errors

More information about the Aura 12/14

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24/7 contact no matter where

Operate our Lumina climate controllers remotely with ease using our Infinia Remote App on your smartphone or tablet. You are connected to your farm 24/7 and have access to the latest data. And if immediate intervention is needed, you can adjust and improve the situation remotely. The Infinia Remote App saves time, prevents errors and boosts your profitability.

Download the Infinia Remote App now!

The right equipment completes your climate control

In addition to climate controllers, Fancom also offers a complete set of peripherals that complete your climate installation. Everything you need for effortless and smooth operation of your climate system, from incoming air to scrubbing exhaust air, including heating and cooling. Why not take a look at our fans? All our fans are energy efficient, accurately controllable and guarantee years of reliable operation. Or our Fantura air inlet systems that ensure a constant, uniform supply of fresh air in the house under all conditions. 

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