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An automatic egg counting system helps farmers keeping laying and/or breeding hens to monitor egg production on a daily basis and to compare it with other houses and production rounds. But an egg counting system offers more than just a reliable count of the eggs produced. Automatic control of the speed of egg belts is another useful feature that our egg counting machine offers.  This technology is part of our smart farming system.

How does it work and for whom is it intended? 

Electronic egg counters, mounted on the egg belts in the house or on the collection belt, record production of eggs per day, per group and per counter, both in numbers and in laying percentages. The computer processes this data in crystal clear charts and tables. Download a brochure here for all the specifications.

The egg counting system is applicable in the following housing systems: 

  • Volière
  • Cage
  • Floor/litter housing

Eight arguments for choosing automated egg counting

  1. Production improvement
    An egg counting system provides insight into the production process and shows where improvements are possible. The data provides a wealth of management information that helps you improve your business results.
  2. Early warning
    Production differences are often a first signal that something is wrong. Disruptions and diseases are detectable earlier and you can respond immediately.
  3. Efficiency
    The system automatically controls the speed of the egg belts and in this way precisely matches the supply to the packaging capacity. And that means efficient deployment of your egg packing machine.
  4. Time saving
    With the information from the counters in all connected houses, the system automatically makes calculations on how to keep the total collection time as short as possible. This saves a lot of egg collection time.
  5. Improvement of results
    The computer makes sure all the houses are emptied simultaneously and even takes account of any need to mix eggs from different houses to ensure a uniform result.
  6. Long operational life
    Automatically controlled egg belts prevent wear on the installation because they do not have to stop and restart unnecessarily often. This extends the life of your egg processing system.
  7. Shell quality
    Continuous egg flow ensures that the eggs on the belt do not bump unnecessarily and prevents damage to the them. This improves general shell quality.
  8. Higher profits
    The cost savings resulting from time saved combined with improved production results lead to more profit for your business.

Client case

Fancom has been working for Lusiaves SA in Portugal for many years. The project that we have realized together comprises two groups, each with five breeder hen houses, housing a total of 6,000 hens and around 600 cockerels. For this client, we have installed egg counters with egg belt control. This setup automatically registers egg production. Are you curious about more customer stories? Click here for more case studies. 

Are you interested in how Fancom can help you make progress in your business?

We might not tell you anything new but we are motivated toward progress. Just like you. Fancom is constantly working on developments in housing processes for poultry farms. So, we do much more than just egg counting. Using smart sensors, computers and climate control, feed and biometric systems, we will not only improve your business results but also your poultry's living environment. 

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