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Energy efficient ventilation

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Mechanical ventilation accounts for up to three-quarters of the total energy costs on a modern pig or poultry farm. Using an energy efficient I-fan in your ventilation systems enables energy savings of up to 80% to be achieved compared with traditional triac fans. The ROI on this extra investment is very short, the costs can sometimes be recovered within a year and a half.

Energy saving is achieved in two ways:

  1. Energy-saving technology
  2. Smart fan control

Energy saving technology

I-fans use intelligent EC (DC) technology. The internal electronic control ensures that the fan operates in the optimal position in all conditions. The air quantity is controlled by a continuously variable 0-10V drive. EC motors use much less energy than standard AC motors for the same air quantity, not only when under full load, but especially at lower loads. I-fans also produce much less heat and therefore lose less energy.

Another important benefit is the excellent controllability of I-fans.

EC motors are also easy to install. There is no need to connect a controller to the main power supply, so no additional wiring is needed. EC motors also operate with very low noise levels at a low RPM. The noise reduction is immediately noticeable.

IF145 in practice

Smart fan control

Smart control of the available ventilation capacity can increase energy savings even further. I-fans have excellent controllability and remain very stable even at low capacities. This enables the I-fan to be controlled to low capacities, up to 20 to 30%, depending on the counter pressures.

This allows users to benefit from the fact that I-fans are far more efficient at a lower RPM than at 100% RPM. For instance, a fan operating at 100% RPM uses up to four times more energy than a fan operating at 50%. It is therefore more cost-effective to use a combination of several fans operating at a lower RPM. A small calculation reveals the advantages:


That's a saving of almost 70%!

For efficient use, it is important to avoid any additional activated fans operating at full capacity as far as possible! This is achieved by activating several fans operating at the optimal RPM if there is an increasing ventilation capacity demand. The most efficient combination of available fans is calculated and assigned once in the combi-table in the controller.

This smart control provides significant energy savings compared with traditional on/off gable wall fans that can only run at 100% and therefore continuously consume a lot more energy.

Most energy efficient ventilation solution

This smart combi-table is a standard feature of all Fancom Lumina climate controllers. The I-fan is available in diameters ranging from 35 to 92 cm, as a wall mounted fan, modular fan and build in fan. The powerhouse in the series is the 57" I-fanXtra with a maximum capacity of over 63000 m3/h.

This combination of energy efficient fans and smart control is unique. This allows us to offer the most energy efficient ventilation solution. Energy savings of up to 85% are perfectly feasible.

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