eYeGrow pig weighing system

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Are you concerned about the growth of your finisher pigs and want to predict their final weight early on? Maximize your livestock's potential with Fancom's eYegrow pig weighing system, ensuring continuous monitoring for optimal results. Don't leave the finishing cycle outcome to chance and choose precision with our weighing systems.

What is an eYeGrow pig weighing system exactly?

Fancom’s eYeGrow is a 3D camera system that automatically weighs your finishers with more than 93% accuracy. The eYeGrow weight monitor can be installed easily without calibration. This allows the development of a group of finishers to be followed from day to day. There will be no more surprises with this advanced pig weighing system. Maximise the growth potential with Fancom's eYeGrow weighing system for pigs.

How does the eYeGrow pig weighing system work?

The eYeGrow pig weighting system features a cutting-edge 3D camera placed above the section, continuously capturing and registering your animals. This data empowers the computer to precisely calculate their weight. Benefit from the ease and animal-friendly nature of automatic weighing, reducing your workload significantly. Rest assured, our fully automated pig weighing system ensures minimal stress for your pigs.  

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Optimize pig performance with the 3D eYeGrow camera system

Our pig weighing system stores measurement data securely in the cloud. Access crucial information like average weight, daily growth, and measurement frequency 24/7. With this system, you can effortlessly optimize your feeding strategy and reduce feed expenses. Trust Fancom to enhance your results with eYeGrow. 

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The benefits of Fancom’s eYeGrow weighing system summarized

Our eYeGrow pig weighing system has numerous advantages, tailored for your success. Gain constant insight into your finishers' average weight, and enjoy the following benefits: 

  • Stress-free weighing for finishers, ensuring no growth loss. 
  • Enhanced feed strategy leading to improved feed gains. 
  • Optimized delivery strategy without reductions for lower weights. 
  • Minimal additional workload for you. 

We guarantee that your profits will improve with our eYegrow weighing system.  

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Who stands to benefit from an eYeGrow pig weighing system?

The eYeGrow pig weighing system is meticulously designed for pig farmers and tailored for finishers weighing over 40 kilograms. 

If you fall within this category, we're eager to share the extensive benefits that eYegrow brings. With a global network of over 200 distributors, dealers, and partners, we're well-equipped to assist pig producers worldwide in enhancing their performance and profits. 

At Fancom, we continuously innovate to address the challenges of tomorrow, including stricter regulations and the evolving expectations of discerning consumers. We remain vigilant to both political and social dynamics, ensuring you're always one step ahead. 

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How to weigh pigs?

In addition to the eYeGrow pig weight system, there are various other methods to weigh pigs. Traditional methods include the use of manual livestock scales, where pigs are individually placed on a scale for measurement. Alternatively, tape measuring and visual assessment techniques can provide rough estimates of a pig's weight. Technological advancements have also introduced portable handheld electronic scales that offer a more convenient way to weigh pigs on the farm. Each method has its advantages and limitations, and the choice often depends on the specific needs and resources of the pig farmer. 

For personalized guidance and expert advice to make the right choice for your pig farming needs, contact our experts today. 

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Why Fancom?

Fancom is dedicated to substantial investments in Research & Development, leading to the evolution of our innovative iFarming system over the years. This advanced system seamlessly connects and orchestrates all house processes, ensuring smooth and coordinated operations. The result? A dependable, integrated system that enhances your operational outcomes. That is the Fancom guarantee. 

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