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Do you ever wonder if your finishers are growing sufficiently? And can you predict the end weight of your pigs at an early stage? Optimise the potential of your animals and choose for the continuous safeguards of Fancom’s eYegrow weighing systems. Or would you rather be surprised at the end of the finishing cycle?

What is an eYeGrow weighing system exactly?

Fancom’s eYeGrow is a 3D camera system that automatically weighs your finishers with more than 93% accuracy. The eYeGrow weight monitor can be installed easily without calibration. This allows the development of a group of finishers to be followed from day to day. There will be no more surprises with this advanced pig weighing system. Maximise the growth potential with Fancom's eYeGrow weighing system for pigs.

How does the eYeGrow pig weighing system work?

The unique feature is the 3D camera installed above the section that continually records and registers the animals so the computer can accurately calculate their weight. Automatic weighing is kind for the animals and saves you a lot of work and effort. As our pig weighing system operates fully automatically, your pigs will not experience any stress.

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Improve pig performance with the 3D eYeGrow camera system

The measurement data collected is stored in the cloud. Important information such as average weight, growth per day and the number of measurements is available 24/7. This pig weighing system allows you to easily steer towards an optimal feeding strategy and save on feed costs. Fancom helps you improve your results with eYeGrow.

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The benefits of Fancom’s eYeGrow weighing system summarised

Our eYeGrow weighing system offers a host of benefits. You have a continuous overview of the average weight of your finishers. Other advantages of the eYegrow weighing system:

  • no-stress weighing of finishers without growth loss
  • improved feed strategy and better feed gains;
  • optimal delivery strategy with no reductions for lower weights;
  • no extra work for you.

We guarantee that your profits will improve with our eYegrow weighing system. 

Who stands to benefit from an eYeGrow weighing system?

The eYeGrow weighing system has been specially developed for pig farmers and is suitable for finishers heavier than 40 kilos.

If you belong to one of these categories, we would like to tell you more about the possibilities that eYegrow has to offer. We have more than 200 distributors, dealers and partners worldwide. So we can help pig producers everywhere to boost their performance and profits.

Fancom never stands still, and we are already busy tackling the challenges of tomorrow. We can anticipate stricter legislation and the demands of ever-more critical consumers. Fancom never loses sight of political and social realities.

Why Fancom?

Fancom invests heavily in Research & Development. This has resulted in creating our iFarming system over the years. This system seamlessly links all processes in the house and ensures frictionless and coordinated operation. Giving you a single, reliable total system and better operational results. That is the Fancom guarantee.

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