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Fans ensure an even, uniform climate in your livestock houses. Creating a good climate is vital in both large and small houses or barns. Maintaining the right climatic conditions for your animals can be particularly challenging when high occupancy occurs in combination with high temperatures. Installing fans in the houses offers the solution: even in extremely hot summers, your animals will continue to grow steadily. Fancom offers a range of different fans for various conditions. Interested to discover the best solution for your house or barn? Leave your details here and we will contact you with no-obligation advice. After all, you want the very best solution for your houses.

Who can benefit from fans in the livestock house?

Installing fans in your livestock houses is very important. Producers of broilers, layers, turkeys, parent animals and rearers can all benefit from an optimal climate in the house. Do you belong to one of these categories? Contact us and one of our representatives will be happy to visit you and discuss the options for your specific situation. Various projects can be viewed on this website. Read more about the fans we installed in a broiler house in Italy to regulate ventilation for minimum costs. 

Increased profitability with Fancom fans

Fancom fans create an optimal and uniform climate in every house. The transition from minimum to maximum ventilation is gradual, without disrupting the air flow, light or sounds in the house. Fancom fans do not create any stress for the animals in the house. Their growth pattern is not disturbed, so you can benefit. This situation ensures happy and healthy animals and a better performance.

Up to 10% faster growth 

The house climate is optimal throughout the entire production process. The technical results, and the good climate, ensure an improved performance. You have up to 10% faster growth thanks to the ventilation system, a better feed conversion rate, lower mortality in the poultry house and greater uniformity. The logical result is increased profitability. Interested in learning how this works in your houses? Leave your details here and we will show you!

Why choose Fancom fans?

Fancom is an established and respected player in the market for solutions for livestock housing. Many years of dedicated research at Fancom have resulted in the development of Fancom's own comprehensive Intelligent Farming system: iFarming. Fans are an important component of this system. Fancom guarantees dependable systems with high operational reliability. In addition, your tablet or mobile phone gives you continuous insight into the current status in your houses. This enables you to maximise the results using your ventilation system.

Changes in the future, or improvements to the processes in the house, are a priority at Fancom. New technical features can be implemented with ease, so that the fans in your house continue to operate optimally.

Interested to discover how Fancom can optimise your processes?

With more than 200 distributors, partners and agents, we have a global presence. Interested to find out what we can mean for your houses? Contact us for a no-obligation appointment so we can examine your wishes and identify the possibilities. We are happy to help you further.

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