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Increased profitability with farm automation

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Market developments convey a clear message. If improvement is possible, then improvements must be made. This particularly applies to pig and poultry producers. Fancom’s farm management systems contribute to optimal profitability in the intensive livestock sector. We go to extremes to create the optimal conditions with our farm automation solutions.

Our system for farm automation supports this ambition. We have developed systems for automatic control of all farm processes:

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A climate for growth

Fancom changes the climate in animal buildings. The advantages? Animals perform better, show stronger growth, are less susceptible to illness and have lower mortality rates. A well-controlled climate also impacts positively on energy costs. Producers can save on ventilation and heating, without compromising quality. Quite the opposite.

Our climate policy focuses on sustainable profits. We invest in ultra energy efficient fans. We supply systems suitable for any type of climate: from arctic conditions to sweltering deserts. Our systems create a uniform climate for all the animals, in all circumstances. The result is optimal and uniform growth.

Feeding system for pigs

Feed automation represents profits

How can you supply the right feed to the right animals at the right moment? Fancom offers ingenious systems to automate the entire feeding process. Covering all aspects such as storage, feed preparation, mixing, dosing and registration. We provide solutions for each type of building and each type of feeding strategy: from simple filling systems to complex feed kitchens.

Extensive registration features give clear and immediate insight into feed consumption. Giving animals the right blend of feed also has a positive influence on the manure produced and the expenses.


Monitoring the production process

Additionally we supply a series of accurate and reliable systems to observe animal behaviour and production process in the buildings. We have developed accurate measuring instruments used, for example, to count eggs or to weigh animals.

The information from these systems arms producers with an extra tool. Placing them in a better position to analyse and steer operational processes. The time savings are obvious.

The best growth conditions with farm automation systems

Our farm automation systems are total solutions consisting of a control computer, peripheral equipment and expert knowledge of the growth processes of animals. These elements are designed to work together to create the best growth conditions for your animals. We call this intelligent way of farm automation iFarming.

Who can benefit from farm automation?

Our customers are modern entrepreneurs who demand adequate systems and techniques. Fancom supplies ready-made solutions that meet the needs of agricultural entrepreneurs worldwide: 

Farmers can rely on a user friendly and proven farm automation system. And get the best performance from their animals for minimum costs. Results that will be reflected in the annual accounts.

Farm automation in practice

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