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Farm control - also known as precision livestock farming - gives you complete control of your farm. Clear overviews and analyses enable you to further streamline and optimise processes. Giving you insight into the house climate, feed status and animal behaviour at every moment of the day. This data means you can work more efficiently and ensure the optimal climate for your animals to grow and develop. Increasing your performance and ultimately your profits!

Fancom is the market leader in intelligent farming and has more 200 distributors, dealers and partners who use farm control worldwide. Responsible and sustainable food production is becoming increasingly important and the requirements are becoming stricter. Fancom never loses sight of political and social realities. So we can anticipate stricter legislation and the demands of ever-more critical consumers.

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The advantages of farm control

We ensure that you are in control of the processes in your livestock houses. Data is available 24/7. Giving you relevant insight into the status of your animals. Thanks to farm control you can enjoy:

  • Happy and healthy animals
  • Less stress
  • Lower costs
  • Lower mortality
  • Time savings
  • Better performance
  • Higher profits

Do you think there is an opportunity to improve the processes on your farm? Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities of farm management software. After all, you deserve better!


Who stands to benefit from farm control?

Fancom's farm control is the most highly advanced, smart farming system on the market. It has been developed in cooperation with the target groups:

Do you belong to one of these categories? Fancom would like to meet you to explain what farm control can do for your farm. Take a look at our projects to see how we have helped other producers and growers!

Your guarantee of improved performance and profit and lower costs

The results become visible immediately. Healthy animals which leads to better performance and output. However, Fancom is busy tackling the future challenges We are aware of trends and changes in society and the political domain. We consult with public authorities and policy makers on a continual basis. We have an advisory role, but we also exactly what to expect ahead. And how you can anticipate and manage changes that impact you

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