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Your house is fully automated and each process is controlled automatically from start to finish. The correct climate conditions are maintained and the animals are fed the optimal rations. At least… that's what you think.

But with FarmManager farm management software you know for sure. The software measures, registers and analyses the performance in your pig house and poultry house. FarmManager helps you make the right decisions to improve the performance.

Insight with FarmManager

Fancom's control equipment and our smart sensors measure all the possible processes in your house. All this input results in a lot of data.

FarmManager collects this data real-time from your houses and displays it as valuable management information. The software combines and merges the data to generate clear and easy to read tables, graphs and reports. This makes it easy for you to interpret the information correctly. You can compare different houses and production cycle and find the answer to ‘Why does one house perform better than another?”. This gives you - as a farm manager - the right tools to adapt and optimises the processes.

As an extra feature, FarmManager also ensures your settings are secure. The software backs up the settings entered in each process computer that is linked in the network. This minimises the risks of losing any settings as they can always be restored.

Luc Rooijakkers advices farmer

Data sharing

The data in your house is not only important for you and your employees. Your suppliers and farm visitors (such as your veterinarian or climate specialist) can also benefit from the availability of clear information. FarmManager allows you to share data with your partners at regular intervals, for example by sending a weekly, monthly or quarterly report by e-mail. They can use this information to fine-tune their advice and help you optimise the processes in your house.

The benefits of FarmManager

The greatest advantage of using Fancom’s management software is control over your production processes. But there are other benefits too:

  • Greater and clearer overview.
  • Insight into production costs and technical results.
  • Early signals of abnormalities.
  • Helps your animals grow in good health.
  • Easier comparison of the performance of different houses.
  • Data and information sharing with your suppliers and consultants.

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Remote control of your controllers

FarmManager not only collects and registers data from your Fancom controllers. You can also use the software for remote control of your controllers. Increase the ventilation or provide some extra rations? You can make the necessary settings from home.
This saves time and reduces the frequency of your visits to the house, which is beneficial for the hygiene status.

Complete your package

Are you a poultry farmer? In that case, you can expand the FarmManager management software by adding supplementary analysis software FarmManager for Broilers and FarmManager for Layers. The analysis software compares the current data collected from your houses with the standard values and displays the results in a clear dashboard.  This will help you manage your farm in line with a defined strategy, with intervention only necessary if the current situation differs from the expected conditions.

Optimise your mushroom production

FarmManager is also ideal for measuring, registering and optimising climate processes at your mushroom farm or composting yard. The reliable climate computers can be perfectly linked to FarmManager. This gives you greater control over the climate in the growing rooms or tunnels. FarmManager and its predecessor F-Central have been used in the mushroom sector all over the world for years.

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Gerard van Rossum on how he uses FarmManager

“The first thing I do in the morning is check if things are OK in the house on my computer at home. If necessary, I can make any changes. It's so easy to operate and much more efficient".

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