Feed weighing system for poultry farms

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Feed is one of the main cost items on your poultry farm. So you obviously want to deal with feed as efficiently as possible. With Fancom's feed weighing systems, you can do this without compromising the satisfaction of your animals. Fancom's feeding system ensures that feed, light and water are perfectly harmonised. This ensures good and constant growth of your animals. And if you modify any of the settings the other settings change accordingly. Saving you valuable time, and therefore money. But also the costs of extra feed!

What is a feed weighing system?

A feed weighing system is feed system for a house. There are various types of feed systems:

  • Silo weighing system EasyBin
    This weighing system weighs the silo using weighing bars or load cells. Bulking and feeding take place simultaneously, so that feed consumption registration is not interrupted.


  • Batch weighing systems EasyBatch and EasyBlend
    A batch weigher positioned between the silo and the hoppers in the house accurately distribute large amounts of feed in small batches.  EasyBatch is especially for situations where no feed needs to be mixed, while EasyBlend can mix two types of feed or add cereal products.  It works fully automatically. Is the silo empty? The system automatically switches to another silo that contains the same type of feed.

The advantages of feed weighing systems for poultry farms

A feed weighing system reduces your workload. Saving you time, feed and therefore money. But there are plenty of other advantages too:

  • Accurately controlled from silo to pan feeder
  • Feed large amounts in a short time
  • Constant insight into current content of the silo
  • Insight into feed consumption
  • Save on feed costs
  • Fully automatic feeding process
  • Manage the feed costs
  • Efficient feed management
  • Add feed components

Which poultry farms can benefit from feed weighing systems?

The primary target group for Fancom's smart feeding systems is layer farmers and broiler producers. But they are also ideal for turkey farms and rearers.

Do you belong to one of these categories and are you curious to find out how to optimise operations on your poultry farm? Fill in your details on the contact form at the bottom of this page. Our expert advisors will contact you as soon as possible.

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A complete system for your poultry house

In addition to feed systems such as our feed weighing solutions, Fancom's range includes all the equipment needed for your poultry house. Such as climate control and animal behaviour monitoring systems. Fancom systems monitor the situation in the house and analyse the data immediately. You always have insight into the status of your animals and can reduce mortality rates and waste. That means a better performance and higher profits!

Curious to know what Fancom can do for your poultry houses? The conditions in each poultry house are different. Fancom is happy to think along with you. We have various expert dealers worldwide. Please fill in the contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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