Healthy animals with the Fantura air inlet system

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Fancom offers a unique Fantura air inlet system distinguished by the special shape of the inlet that bundles the incoming air for a better throw and ensures a constant and uniform supply of fresh air into the house under all circumstances. Cold air no longer drops onto your animals, your animals stay healthy, grow better and the steady growth conditions improve uniformity. The Fantura air inlet system has three application designs: a wall inlet, a ceiling inlet and a sliding inlet. In addition, the system includes an intelligent actuator motor and a smart farm control computer.

Even with minimum ventilation, fresh air throughout the house thanks to Fantura

With a traditional air inlet, a long narrow opening is created with minimum ventilation. As a result, the cold incoming air has too little mass, so that the air decreases in speed and drops onto the animals. A special jet stream from the Fantura air inlet changes the shape of the inlet opening into a compact, rectangular opening. The incoming air is bundled and therefore creates a better throw. This way, all the animals in the house benefit from a sufficient supply of fresh air.


Fantura wall inlet

The wall inlets are built into the side wall of pig and poultry houses. The incoming air is directed to the ridge of the building where it mixes with the warm air in the house. The aerodynamic housing is fitted with an air entry cone which reduces the air resistance. In combination with the jet stream, the Fantura air inlet delivers 30% more capacity. That means you can save on the number of air inlets. It also has a positive effect on your energy consumption.

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Fantura ceiling inlet

The ceiling inlet is specially for wider houses with a lowered ceiling and pre-treats the incoming air. A single and a double version is available. The special V-shape of the inlet ensures a powerful flow of fresh air up to a capacity of no less than 80% horizontally along the ceiling. This shape is unique and there is no other ceiling inlet that can match these results. The air can mix better with the air in the house to prevent climate fluctuations.

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Fantura sliding inlet

The sliding inlet is especially for houses with nesting boxes, cages or other obstacles that can disturb the air flow. To avoid obstacles in the house, the user can control the direction of the incoming air using four louvres that can be set in a certain position. The capacity of the inlet is controlled with a vertically moving plate.

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tunnel inlaat vrijstaand.png

Fantura tunnel air inlet

The Fantura tunnel inlet is unique because of the special way of opening. The panels slide over each other from top to bottom. This way, the inlet opens gradually and the ventilation flow in the house slowly increases. The gradual opening, combined with the unique shape of the inlet, makes the tunnel inlet also suitable for minimum ventilation. The robust design and the high air capacity ensure many years of carefree operation.

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Unique properties of Fantura air inlet systems

The Fantura air inlets have a number of unique properties for a practical application.

  • Dimensionally stable and wear-resistant seals for years of reliable air control
  • Aerodynamic housing increases capacity and improves air flow
  • Made of polyurethane with a high insulation value and extra strong exterior
fantura jet stream.jpg

Healthier animals thanks to Fancom’s Fantura air inlet systems

Fancom has a suitable Fantura air inlet system for every house. Your animals will have sufficient fresh air under all circumstances thanks to an undisturbed flow of air. This ensures happy, healthy animals that develop easier, faster and better.

Your result is a more stable, safer, healthier and therefore more valuable end product.


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