iFarming™ is 100% insight and
control of your farm

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iFarming (Intelligent Farming). A revolutionary smartfarm system developed by Fancom that keeps your farm and your herd or flock in the very best condition.

iFarming is a comprehensive house system that collates and analyses automatically generated data on climate control and automated feeding, and continuously monitored animal behaviour for you.

iFarming helps you improve the health of your animals, reduce mortality and waste, increase your performance and boost your profitability.

iFarming - because you deserve better!

Better returns thanks to a better performance

Happy and healthy animals develop better, faster and easier - and produce more. So, if stress and potential diseases can be detected and neutralised in time - via biometrics - mortality rates can be reduced.

Your results will be more stable, safer, healthier and you can deliver a higher-grade end product. For lower costs and less labour input. Year on year.


The future has arrived

Fancom's flexible and proven iFarming system is being used successfully all over the world. From Europe, via Russia, Japan and China to North and South America. The demand for responsibly produced food is rising and the associated standards are becoming stricter. Fancom's Intelligent Farming provides the solution.

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iFarming, the safe investment

iFarming has acquired an excellent reputation worldwide through a variety of inspirational projects. In smaller-scale houses and in so-called mega farms. We can state that iFarming had proven itself to be a revolutionary smartfarm system and as such represents a more than safe investment for you.

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