Intelligent farming

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Intelligent farming - or iFarming as Fancom calls it - is a system that gives you complete insight into the behaviour and health of your livestock. This comprehensive system generates data on climate control, feed automation and continuously monitors and maps the behaviour of your animals. So you can promote their growth and health. You have 100% insight and control over your livestock houses and the entire operational management process at all times.

Less work but higher profits?

Intelligent farming is the way to ensure satisfied and healthy animals that develop better and faster under stable and favourable conditions. It almost sounds too good to be true. Certainly because by taking the smart approach, you get more work done in less time.


Four decades of research and development at Fancom have resulted in our iFarming system. The iFarming system links all processes in the house to facilitate optimal harmonisation. Our intelligent farming method is already being applied successfully worldwide. View a selection of our projects.

The demand for responsibly produced food is increasing all over the world, but at the same time the demands placed on producers are becoming stricter. Responsible and intensive food production is a necessity and only possible if you can achieve a higher output using a lower labour input. Advanced technology is vital for intensive precision livestock farming. Fancom sees its role as a pioneer to help you achieve this. 

Who stands to benefit from intelligent farming?

Are you forward thinking? And active in the agricultural sector? In that case, intelligent farming could be an interesting proposition. Fancom developed intelligent farming in cooperation with pig producers, layer and broiler producers and mushroom growers. Because practical situations are where we can learn more. This keen understanding means we know just how to ease your work load and boost efficiency levels. Do you belong to one of the above categories? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to think along with you.

Intelligent farming is the future

In a world where the demand for meat is increasing, it is crucial that we produce as optimally as possible, as responsibly as possible. Fancom knows the demands placed by interest groups and critical consumers. We also consult closely with public authorities and policy makers so we also know exactly what to expect from (future) legislation and regulations. We innovate to anticipate. Doing full justice to our slogan ‘forward thinking’. Our innovations are applied immediately in our intelligent farming systems. So you can be certain you have taken the right approach and that your investment is always safe with us.

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