MicroControl for the best start of young broilers

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Accurately adjusting the minimum ventilation to the animals' needs can be quite difficult in the first weeks after introducing the chicks. The ventilation needed is lower than the minimum fan capacity and the air is hard to control because there is not enough volume.

Accurate minimum ventilation is crucial in order to extract harmful waste substances such as CO2, NH3, moisture and dust and to introduce oxygen rich air. This is particularly important with young, still developing animals and in order to prevent respiratory problems. Furthermore, accurate minimum ventilation prevents extra heating costs since it eliminates unnecessary heat removal.

The smart MicroControl feature in the Lumina poultry climate computer ensures a good start for your animals by further optimising the minimum ventilation.


The most accurate minimum ventilation with MicroControl

MicroControl is a completely new way of controlling involving a smart pattern which is used to alternate the minimum ventilation control between on and off.

The ventilation cycle always starts with a fixed ON time to ensure that the fresh air reaches the centre of the house.

The ventilation then stops so that the fresh air is mixed properly and can spread among the animals.

We call this unique way of modulating MicroControl.

Promising results

MicroControl is more efficient and the minimum ventilation can be controlled much more accurately and economically. The test results are very promising:

  • An improved living environment for the animals due to better CO2 and RH values in the house during the crucial first couple of weeks (the hardest weeks of the entire production cycle)
  • More stable temperatures in the house and fewer differences between front and back or left and right
  • Lower heating costs
  • Better litter quality


MicroControl is applied in houses with (Fantura) air inlet valves where there is sufficient room in the ridge of the house to mix the fresh air with the air in the house. MicroControl can be applied in combination with on/off fans and controllable fans. The controllable fans can then also run at low capacities during the ON time. MicroControl works best in combination with the easy to control Fancom fans and iFans.

This modulating MicroControl feature for the incoming air in the latest version of the Lumina 35, 36, 37 and 38 poultry computers is unique and enables users to better adjust the minimum ventilation to the needs of the animals, particularly where it concerns young chicks. The incoming air is used much more efficiently and the animals benefit from a healthy micro-climate that stimulates growth in all circumstances.

This MicroControl option is a standard feature on the Lumina 35, 36, 37 and 38 poultry climate computers, delivered from November 2019. Users of older Lumina computers can update their computers in order to use this option.

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