Prevent heat stress with pad cooling

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Pad cooling systems improve the living conditions in your house. The risk of heat stress in the house increases with high outside temperatures. Heat stress occurs when high temperatures and high humidity prevent an animal from regulating its own body temperature. This impacts on animal health: pad cooling offers excellent functionality to keep the animals in their comfort zone and prevent heat stress. So that your animals feel comfortable and show uninterrupted growth in all conditions, even at full occupancy and with extremely high outdoor temperatures.

How does Fancom pad cooling work?

The pad cooling system utilises the cooling effect produced by water evaporating in warm outside air. The incoming air is drawn through a plastic pad, which is kept wet, installed in front of the air inlet. A pipe above the pad distributes the water flow evenly so the entire surface area of the pad is moistened. As the water passes through the cooling pad, it will partially evaporate. During this evaporation process, heat is extracted from the air, lowering its temperature. At the base of the pad, the water is collected in a chute and circulated for reuse.

The pad cooling system can easily be applied in combination with Fancom's climate systems for pig and poultry houses. 

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Controllable cooling capacity makes Fancom Greenline pad cooling unique

The system consists of a plastic cooling pad (FCP-150) with a large evaporative element made of finely meshed polypropylene, as well as a special deflector and a ‘Fancom controller’. The special deflector ensures that water is well distributed over the pad so the available cooling capacity is fully utilised.

The unique feature of Greenline pad cooling is the controllable cooling capacity. By varying the of the amount of water flow, the cooling will be accurately regulated to suit the needs of the animals   and prevent temperature fluctuations. This gives greater advantages compared with existing pad cooling systems that only offer on/off or modulating control.

Long operational life

All the component parts are made of UV-resistant PVC or stainless steel.  A high-pressure cleaner can be used to simply spray the synthetic cooling pad.  Regular cleaning prevents algae growth, boosts hygiene and ensures soiling does not reduce the cooling capacity of the pad. Our plastic pads have a durability that is five times longer than the regular paper cooling pads.

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Simple installation

Fancom pad cooling is available in dimensions ranging from 6 to 24 metres with capacities of 55,000 to 220,000 m3/h. The basic, 6-metre set is supplied with pump unit, connections, pipes and accessories. An extension set can also be used to extend the system to achieve the required cooling capacity. An additional water tank is not necessary with our pad cooling as water circulates through the system and is collected in an integrated water reservoir, delivered as standard with the system. And finally, special clip profiles make installation quick and easy.

Why use a Fancom pad cooling system?

Greenline pad cooling is a part of Fancom’s iFarming system that keeps your farm and livestock in top condition. This system links all processes in the house and ensures frictionless and coordinated operation. The result is sustainable and profitable production! Are you curious about other innovations in the world of intensive livestock farming? Click here.

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