Prevent weaning dip with the right piglet feeder

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Proper nutrition for pigs and piglets is highly significant. That's why Fancom has developed an automatic pig feeding system, ideal for piglets.

Clean, fresh feed and an easily accessible feeding area ensure that piglets eat quickly after weaning. Easy access means there is enough space to allow several piglets to eat at the same time. Seeing other piglets eat encourages the appetite.

The piglets don't need to learn how to use the automatic pig feeder because it is easily accessible. It is also important to provide water in a separate drinker to the feeder. Otherwise, the piglets may still experience stress.

Rondomat piglet feeder

Sensor-controlled automatic piglet feeder

The Rondomat by Fancom is a circular feeder. It has a trough diameter of 90 cm. This diameter is equivalent to a feeding area of 2.8 meters.

This enables up to 20 piglets to eat at the Rondomat feeder at the same time. The Rondomat is suitable for a maximum of 60 piglets. This means you can easily keep the litters of piglets together in the weaning groups.The Rondomat automatically doses feed as needed.

Sensors detect whether there is any feed in the trough. Once the trough is empty, we provide a small portion of feed mixed with water in the trough. You can set and adjust the feed/water ratio over time.

The food in the feeding bin is consistently fresh and delicious for the young pigs. You will also notice that the animals hardly waste any feed.

Higher piglet uniformity

This spacious feeding place is very pleasant for the smallest piglets in the litter. Piglets sometimes grow slower at first because it's hard for them to get to the food. The Rondomat offers a lot more space and fresh feed is always available. In real life, we notice that light piglets grow faster each day and their final weights are more consistent.

Up to 35 grams higher growth

The Rondomat assists young piglets in transitioning to weaner feed effortlessly. It achieves this by offering a spacious feeding area and ensuring a constant supply of fresh food. This prevents weaning dip, resulting in healthy piglets that grow well.

Results from practice reveal that piglets can easily achieve up to 35 grams higher growth per day. See how users rate the Rondomat here:

Sustainability with Fancom's piglet feeder

Implementing Fancom’s automatic piglet feeder aligns with sustainable farming practices. The precise feed control reduces waste significantly, contributing to the eco-friendly and economical operation of pig farms. This conservation of resources is pivotal, highlighting Fancom’s commitment to intertwining technology with environmental stewardship.

Piglet's welfare

Enhancing animal welfare

Fancom designed the feeder to keep piglets happy and healthy, reduce their stress, and provide a friendly living space. The spacious design of the feeder accommodates multiple piglets simultaneously, reducing competition for food and promoting peaceful coexistence among the litter. This harmonious atmosphere is crucial for the piglets' emotional well-being, impacting their growth positively.

Reliable Durability

Durability is a defining feature of the Fancom piglet feeder, offering reliability to farmers. Constructed with durable materials, it can withstand energetic piglets and will not easily sustain damage from wear and tear. This reliability translates to reduced maintenance costs and increased longevity of the feeder, making it a wise investment for pig farms.

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