Lumina poultry climate control system combines smart control with easy operation

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The right climate in your house benefits the growth and health of your animals and saves on your feed, water and energy costs. This is important for livestock like pigs and poultry.  Choosing a poultry climate control system enables you to accurately adjust the house climate to suit your animal's needs.  The devices of Lumina  excel in quality and functionality, as well as being extremely simple and easy to use. 

Simple operation

The big advantages of Fancom's Lumina climate controllers for poultry are a clear overview and convenience. Lumina software is characterised by the use of clear icons and colours: green means everything is fine, orange means that some aspect needs your attention. Handy navigation buttons on the main screen give direct access to the most important data from the houses. It is now possible to zoom in from each page to retrieve more details. This makes it easier to adapt settings and reduces the risk of errors. This gives users better insight into the climate processes in their houses and they can maximise the potential of their climate computers.

With our Lumina climate controller, we make sure that the poultry in your houses can be closely monitored at all times. 

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Remote contact with the climate controller 24/7

All Lumina climate devices feature a convenient Infinia Remote App connects you to your houses 24/7, no matter where you are.  Via a smartphone, the app displays the most important and current farm data in a clear and easy to read format. If the app detects any abnormalities in the houses, adjustments to the settings can be made from anywhere in the world to improve the situation instantly. The Remote App saves time, prevents errors and boosts your profitability.

Improved light control for poultry computers

The Lumina's 36/38 and 38H now have an improved light control. The increased number of clocks, which have also been improved, ensure that any light schedule can be set. This creates a natural day and night rhythm for the stable animals. Moreover, light is very important for laying hens. Exposure to light determines when the laying hens start producing. Dimming the light then contributes to the chickens resting peacefully on their perches. Light control can bring the following benefits, among others:

  • Better quality and reduction in loss of eggs.
  • Greater influence on the growth of the poultry.
  • Greater ease of use with the intelligent light switch.

The improvement makes any light scenario possible in the house. Please contact us for questions or more information!

Whitepaper: better animal performance with light control

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The best animal performance

Jos Nelissen, owner of 'Nelissen Pluimvee', has the goal of ranking among the top 10 in terms of animal performance. Jos took over the business from his parents in 1990 and now has 4 houses with a total of 130,000 laying hens. The welfare of the laying hens is very important to Jos. He is therefore very happy with the new light control system of the Fancom climate computer, as it can be perfectly tuned to the needs of the animals. Jos Nelissen:

"We can manage the house climate perfectly under all circumstances. And that's something you see reflected in the performance of the animals. Our animals feel comfortable and contented and therefore perform better".

Lumina 37 and 38 poultry climate control systems

  • Extensive climate control, up to 8 zones
  • Feed and water dosing and registration
  • Extensive light control

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Unique controls for the best animal performance

Fancom's Lumina controllers feature a number of unique controls that create the optimal climate for all the animals in the house under all conditions. Extreme weather conditions and sharply fluctuating day and night temperatures have no influence on the house climate. These controls are standard functionality of the software and can be activated as required by the user. 

See below for more unique functionalities of Fancom's poultry climate control system 

Based on just a single setting, the Optisec control, regulates the optimal settings for heating and ventilation fully automatically. This prevents ventilation removing heat from the house unnecessarily and keeps your heating costs under control.

The smart Microcontrol ensures a good start for the animals by further optimizing the minimum ventilation level.

DesertControl automatically ensures that cooled air flows into the house even in the minimum ventilation range and prevents heat stress in young animals.

The HumiTemp control takes the humidity in the house into account and always calculates the combination of humidity and temperature (humidex index). This is then used as the basis for the optimal fan position. This automatically ensures that at high outside temperatures in combination with high humidity, ventilation increases to avoid the animals suffering any heat stress.

Climate controller for pigs

We believe it is important that both poultry and pigs thrive in stables. That's why we have Lumina climate systems for both. This means also pig farmers can work more cost-effective by saving on:

  • Feed
  • Water
  • Energy

Lumina 17 for large pig sections

  • Comprehensive climate control for large pig sections
  • EasyFeed feed control for feed and water dosing and registration

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Lumina 20 and 21 for pig houses

  • Comprehensive climate control for maximum 24 sections
  • EasyFeed feed control for feed and water dosing and registration

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