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Reduce heating costs with Fancoms' Optisec control

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Your animals perform optimally in correctly controlled climate conditions. The ventilation system therefore automatically creates the optimal ambient temperature for the animals, so they hardly need to adapt to maintain their body temperature. Within this temperature range, they can deliver the maximum biological performance.

Optisec makes ventilation settings simple

The inside temperature of the house forms the basis for setting the ventilation system. When the house temperature becomes too hot, the climate computer increases the ventilation level to lower the temperature. When the temperature is too cold, the heating is activated to heat the house. However, things are not that simple in practice. Various values have to be set to achieve the correct balance between ventilation and heating to avoid, for example, extracting heat from the house unnecessarily.

And if you also want to take fluctuating outside conditions into account, setting the ventilation system can be quite a challenge. But not with the Fancom Lumina climate computers. These systems have a built-in Optisec control that, based on just a single setting, regulates the optimal settings for heating and ventilation fully automatically.

Activate Optisec for minimum heating costs

The control computer uses a so-called neutral zone. This is the range in which ventilation is at the minimum position and heating is not used. This is the most energy-efficient situation. When the Optisec-control is active, all the user has to do is enter the required house temperature. The computer automatically selects the correct setting for the times when heating or ventilation should activate and ensures that the ventilation is controlled in the middle of the energy-efficient neutral zone as far as possible. And if the conditions in the house, or the needs of the animals, change in the meantime the system automatically adjusts the neutral zone. This gives the user the safeguard that there is never too much unnecessary ventilation or heating and guarantees minimum heating costs. Regardless of the outside conditions, and the age of the animals!

Activate your Optisec-control today!

Optisec-control is a standard functionality in Fancom climate computers.

  • Lumina 20 and Lumina 21 pigs climate control
  • Lumina 35, 36, 37 and 38 poultry climate control

Ask your installer to activate Optisec in your climate computer today. So you can benefit from minimum heating costs with just one setting immediately!

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