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Tips for efficient sow management

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Healthy revenues from a sow farm all depend on efficient sow management. Sow management is comparable to elite sport and sows benefit from an individual approach to ensure they are kept in top condition for an optimal and efficient performance.

The basis of good sow management

Success is determined by an individual approach. Assessing the body condition, using physical observation or using technology, is an important indicator of the health, well-being and productivity of sows. An overweight sow is not only less productive but also likely to have eaten too much feed. That is not positive for your feed efficiency rate. An underweight sow can never perform optimally. 

This is why it is so important to adapt the ration to precisely meet the needs of the individual sow, both in the gestation and farrowing house. Doing this will ensure the sows are in top condition when they enter the farrowing house and when they leave again.  

The electronic sow feeding system plays and important role within our sow management. 

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Special attention for maiden gilts 

Well begun is half done, so pay extra attention to maiden gilts. Unmated gilts with a too low weight at their first insemination (< 135 kg) will have smaller litters, an effect that will continue to be seen in the sow's first three litters. And because your gilts are lighter than the older sows, excessive weight loss during lactation is even more difficult to restore afterwards. It is virtually impossible to catch up on this lost weight by extra feeding before the next cycle, so more days will be lost in the production cycle and the farrowing rate will drop. In addition, you have to pay attention to preventing the sows from eating too much immediately after insemination to avoid premature loss of the pregnancy. 

These are all reasons to make sure your animals are eating well throughout the cycle to maintain their body condition. Our smart feeding systems for individual sow feeding can help. 

Our solutions for good sow management

Fancom has a number of smart feeding solutions to help pig producers with efficient feed management in sow and piglet houses.


Feeding system for pigs

The first step after the insemination is the gestation house. The sows spend most of their time here during the cycle. At this stage, it is vital to monitor and adjust the rations and feed intake properly. A practical system for individual feeding is very important, particularly now that individual pens are increasingly being replaced by group housing systems where pregnant sows live in large groups.  The Fancom Intellitek electronic sow feeding station is the ideal solution. Fancom’s Intellitek stimulates the sow's natural behaviour and offers outstanding functionality for practical sow management.

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Farotek machine

After the gestation period, the sow is moved to the farrowing house. This section is fully equipped to cater for the sow in the final days of her pregnancy. The right conditions are provided for the sow to farrow and they contribute to a good start to life for the newborn piglets.

Feeding in the farrowing house requires extra attention. Sows must have a higher feed intake in order to produce more milk and at the same time limit body weight loss. With the FaroTek sow feeding system the sow is fed automatically several times a day. And, very importantly, the sow can decide when she wants to eat. Thanks to this system, sows intake more feed and lose less body condition. Their milk production is better and the sows leave the farrowing house in much better condition, ready for the next cycle.

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More information about good sow management in your house?

Sow houses are often similar, but always differ in the details. So a specific approach is needed on each pig farm for the equipment, climate system and the feeding system in your sow house. Fancom has the right expertise to help you with your questions about climate or feed automation. And of course to configure the best possible system to suit your sow house.

Contact us now to talk to one of our experts in your region or watch the video below for more details on smart feeding solutions for sows. 

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