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Updated Lumina farm computers

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Automating the processes in your livestock houses really has to be simplified. The solution is Fancom’s Lumina series with handy touchscreen operation. These clear to read computers offer simple and complete control of the climate, feed and bird weighing control computers at a single touch. Allowing you to produce more efficiently, consistently, safely and more profitably in a way that is kind to the animals and the environment. At reduced cost, with less waste and a lower labour input.

Easy to read dashboard

The computers in the livestock house provide you with valuable information about the growth and health of your animals. Management information that is vital to steer towards a good, efficient performance. Seasoned farmers rely on their long experience and observational skill to detect any abnormalities in the house. But a stock person can't always fall back on that level of experience and must be able to rely on the data given by the computers. So, a clear overview is needed: an easy to read dashboard that shows the current status: are the lights green, orange or red? A handy indication just like in a car.

Simple operation of the control computers in livestock houses

A good overview and clarity are the major advantages of modern Lumina farm computers with graphic screens. Data generated by the control computers is presented as plainly structured information, giving you a clear impression of the situation in the livestock house at a glance.

Lumina software is characterised by the use of clear icons and colours: green means everything is fine, orange means that some aspect needs your attention. Handy navigation buttons on the main screen give direct access to the most important data from the houses. It is now possible to zoom in from each page to retrieve more details.

Reliable processes in the house

There is a separate computer for each process in the house for added reliability. The individual control computers can be integrated in a clearly arranged switch panel for even greater ease of mounting and installation.

Future-proof with our updated Lumina farm computers

The updated farm computers are perfectly integrated to work closely together and share important management data. As an integrated system, it delivers greater profitability, healthier animals and a lower impact on the environment. You can gradually start working towards a future-proof farm and equipping yourself to answer the demands of the future!


More information about Fancom and our processes in livestock houses?

Fancom is leading in helping pig producers, poultry producers and mushroom growers improve processes in livestock houses and growing rooms. Thanks to smart climate, feeding and biometric systems, sensors and control computers, we improve your operating results and the living conditions of your livestock.

Fancom has 200 distributors, dealers and partners all over the world.  Thanks to this global presence, we can help you with computers for livestock houses that boost the performance of your animals and the buildings. Interested in our Lumina computers or maybe you have a different question? Contact your Area Sales Manager.

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