Efficient ventilation in pig houses

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A ventilation system in your pig house will ensure a uniform climate for your pigs. This is vital as optimal conditions result in optimal growth. Fancom offers the solution for efficient ventilation in your pig house. Precision control results in efficient ventilation. For example, temperature fluctuations are reduced.


Use the ventilation system in your pig house

You can also save on energy using the ventilation in your pig house. The air flow is regulated to ensure there is always enough fresh air in all the sections in your house. By applying a central exhaust system, your energy consumption is minimised. This can result in energy savings of up to 20%.

Help purify the air

A ventilation system in the pig house can also help purify the air, removing, for instance, ammonia and dust particles. This will enable you comply with the standards imposed by environmental permits. Ventilation in pig houses is for application with sows, piglets and finishers.

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Which types of ventilation for pig houses are available?

Various solutions are available for pig houses. The best solution for your houses depends on a number of factors: the size of your house(s), your budget, your wishes and how the pigs are raised. View the various ventilation systems for pig houses below or contact us to discuss the possibilities for your houses. We are happy to share our more than 40 years of experience!

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Why use ventilation for pig houses from Fancom?

Fancom is the global industry leader in the development of automated systems for the livestock husbandry sector. Our ambition is to create the optimal conditions for our customers. In both the actual houses and in their operational management practice. The direction of your future lies more in the hands of intelligent, automated solutions that reduce your workload and increase your output.

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Healthy livestock ultimately performs better

For example, Fancom developed the revolutionary, smart farming system iFarming. iFarming is a comprehensive house system for climate, feed, biometrics and the living environment of your animals. Fancom creates the optimal conditions in your houses, so that you can operate in a way that is more efficient, uniform and profitable. Healthy livestock ultimately performs better and boosts your profits. Aims we are happy to contribute to achieving!

Good climate control system

iFarming starts by regulating an optimal climate in your house, regardless of the outdoor conditions. Thanks to a good climate control system, external weather conditions and fluctuating day and night temperatures will have no influence on the house climate. And with good ventilation in the pig house, you are in control – not the conditions!

There is more for the health of your pigs. We developed eYegrow weighing system for pigs. The system will automatically calculate their weight, so there will be no more suprises with this advanced eYegrow pig weighing system.

Fancom provides solutions for pig houses all over the world

Fancom operates in more than 50 countries worldwide and is recognised as a leader in improving processes in livestock houses. Not just for pig producers, but also for poultry producers and mushroom growers. Ventilation systems are a component of the total solution Fancom offers farmers, producers and growers. Would you like more information about our options?

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