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  • Automatic animal weighing reduces feed costs

    Increasing feed costs are putting considerable pressure on farmers' profitability. Read how to save feed costs using automatic animal weighing.... Read more

  • Multi-phase feeding to reduce feeding costs for pigs

    A well automated feeding process with comprehensive recording of stocks and daily feed intake helps save feed costs. Read more about it here.... Read more

  • Animal welfare

    Animal welfare is the farmer's top priority... Read more

  • The importance of data

    As an agricultural entrepreneur you want to have a firm grip on your business operations. But you are also facing a market characterised by more rapid change than ever before. Spiralling costs for fee... Read more

  • Animal performance

    The better the animal performance, the higher the profits... Read more

  • Sustainable meat production

    Sustainable and animal-friendly meat production.... Read more

  • Feed costs

    Manage feed costs on your farm smartly... Read more

  • iFarming - Smart farming the Fancom way
  • eYeGrow weighing system pigs
  • Smart feeding
  • Farm control
  • Farm technology
  • Healthy animals with the Fantura air inlet system
  • Updated Lumina farm computers
  • Farm manager software
  • Fans for better results
  • Efficient ventilation in pig houses
  • Reduce heating costs with Fancoms' Optisec control
  • MicroControl for the best start of young broilers
  • Fancom pig or poultry climate control system
  • How to make optimum use of your heat exchanger
  • Energy efficient ventilation
  • I-fan - Energy efficient fans for livestock houses
  • Egg counting - a solution for farmers
  • New Precision Livestock Farming technology contributes to animal welfare
  • Prevent heat stress with pad cooling
  • Lumina poultry climate control system combines smart control with easy operation
  • Smart climate control for pigs
  • Limit lost production days in the gestation house with automatic heat detection
  • Tips for efficient sow management
  • Prevent weaning dip with the right piglet feeder
  • Control growth with a smart farm management system
  • FarmManager farm management from your PC
  • Feed weighing system for poultry farms
  • Intelligent precision farming
  • Intelligent farming
  • Increased profitability with farm automation

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