Creating a healthy environment for the animals is one of the most crucial aspects for today’s pig and poultry producers. High standards of reliability are demanded from your climate control equipment. The correct agricultural ceiling fan is one of the most important links in the chain. Because you are well aware of how far reaching the effects of barn ventilation systems can be on the climate in the livestock buildings and ultimately your profitability.

Specifications agricultural fans

our industrial ceiling fans have been specially developed for use in pig farms and poultry houses. They have an aluminium motor housing, synthetic or coated steel housing and synthetic fan blades. Corrosion stands no chance. 

Fancom agricultural fans combine high air flow capacity with low energy consumption and noise levels. We have a wide range of different types. View the technical performances in the overview below:

A proven advantage

The right climate is beneficial to the growth and health of your animals and improves their performances: faster growth, better feed conversion, less mortality and more uniformity. In addition, a well-controlled climate has a positive effect on energy costs. Read here how we implemented agricultural ceiling fans at an Italian broiler farmer. 

Interested in an agricultural fan? 

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