Fancom supplies a series of fans that are perfectly able to cope with the aggressive substances present in the air of livestock housing. All our fans are energy efficient, accurately controllable and reliable. The leading light in energy efficiency is the I-fan, a brushless, direct current fan. The I-fan is available in diameters ranging from 35 to 92 cm, as a wall mounted fan, modular fan and build in fan. The powerhouse in the range is the 52" direct driven I-fan with a maximum capacity of over 58000 m3/h. The I-fan is also easy to connect using the handy connection unit with no need for shielded cables.

Energy efficient

I-fans use intelligent EC (DC) technology. The internal electronic control ensures that the fan operates in the optimal position in all conditions. The air quantity is controlled by a continuously variable 0-10V drive. EC motors use much less energy than standard AC motors for the same air quantity, not only when under full load, but especially at lower loads. I-fans also produce much less heat and therefore lose less energy.

Using the I-fan in the Fancom ventilation systems enables energy savings of up to 75% to be achieved. Even compared with the currently used energy efficient systems with frequency control, energy savings of up to 20% are feasible. The extra investment can be earned back quickly within the space of just one to two years.

Energy efficient fans for livestock houses

Accurately controllable

Internal electronics regulate the fan's RPM, so an external triac or frequency controller is no longer required. The motor continually monitors and corrects the RPM automatically. I-fans from Fancom are not only exceptionally energy efficient, they also feature an extremely stable motor that can be regulated to levels as low as even 25%, depending on the counter pressures. This motor also delivers a guaranteed air flow and automatically compensates for wind influences, for example. The result is an extremely constant air flow without any negative wind influences.

Smart control for extra energy savings

This allows users to benefit from the fact that I-fans are far more efficient at a lower RPM. For instance, a fan operating at 100% RPM uses up to four times more energy than a fan operating at 50%. For efficient use, it is important to avoid any additional activated fans operating at full capacity as far as possible! This is achieved by activating several fans operating at the optimal RPM if there is an increasing ventilation capacity demand. Your installer will input the most efficient combination of available fans in the combi-table in your Fancom climate computer.


I-fans have a high resistance to the aggressive substances found in the air in livestock buildings. Fancom energy efficient fans for livestock houses have an aluminium motor housing, plastic or coated steel edges and synthetic fan blades. A sophisticated shaft sealing guarantees a long and low maintenance working life for the bearings. IP66 classification safeguards a long and malfunction free operating life.

Automatic failsafe

Extra safety features ensure reliable supplies of fresh air in the house. The automatic fail safe system keeps the fan running at the lowest setting value if the signal from the climate computer fails. If an overload or overheating threatens, the fan corrects its RPM, but will always continue to rotate. This provides your animals with enough fresh air under all circumstances.

I-fans in power-tunnel house in USA

I-fans in power-tunnel house in USA

Our partner in the USA, PigTek America, has successfully launched the Fancom I-fans on the American market. One practical example is these four houses at JBS Pork in the south of Ohio....

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