Fancom's farm management software keeps you constantly informed of developments on your farm. The systems in the livestock houses automatically send you data on, for example, the feed and climate in your buildings. This data is collated by the farm management system and analysed automatically. The valuable information helps you improve the health of your livestock, reduce waste and ultimately run a more profitable business!

How does farm management software work?

It is an unique smart farm system developed by Fancom. It ensures optimal functioning of your farm. The system optimises the climate in your livestock houses, regulates feeding and analyses animal behaviour. The data is continuously monitored and collated to show you the current status of the houses at every moment of the day.

You know full well that healthy animals grow and develop better. Fancom's farm management tools helps you create the optimal conditions in your livestock houses.  You can detect diseases at an early stage and reduce stress in the animals. This not only lowers mortality rates, but also reduces working hours and your total operational costs.

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Farm management software
Farm management system

Who stands to benefit from a farm management system?

Fancom's farm management software has been designed and developed in cooperation with various entrepreneurs active in the agricultural sector, including pig producers, layer farmers, broiler producers and mushroom growers. Together we have realised a host of benefits that indicate the importance of farm management systems :

  1. Our Farm Manager software is easy to install and automatically links the control computers to your PC or laptop.
  2. Data is clearly presented in tables and graphs per house or for the entire farm. This data helps you and your advisors, vets and feed suppliers to optimise performance.
  3. Timely identification of abnormalities in animal development helps you steer towards steady and healthy growth.

A great future with Fancom’s farm management software on your farm!

As a global leader in improving processes in livestock houses for pig and poultry producers and on mushroom farms, we know how we can help you. Responsible and intensive food production is only possible if producers can achieve a higher, safer output using a lower labour input. The solution to this challenge is advanced technology for precision livestock farming. Fancom sees itself as a pioneer in helping you move forward using technology such as our farm control software systems. Today and tomorrow. As, naturally, we want to keep developing with you.

So that we can continue to profit from the following benefits:

  • Higher yields and performance
  • The same labour output in fewer hours
  • Upscaled operations
  • Improved insight into processes in the house
  • Reduced medication use
  • Stabilised turnover and income

Do you want to optimise your livestock houses?

We are happy to answer all your questions concerning our livestock management software. Please contact one of our employees.