From compost to mushroom, Fancom creates the conditions for balanced mushroom growing. Fancom has a climate computer suitable for each phase of the production process, from fermentation to harvest. A complete, customised system for trouble-free operation and efficient operational management.

Cost reduction and quality improvement   

Fancom has been active in the mushroom sector since 1980 and many of our first systems are still up and running - to the complete satisfaction of the users. Future proof, long term solutions are our strong point. Together with our installers we devise solutions for tomorrow's mushroom growing industry, aimed at cost reduction, quality improvement and energy saving. And what if different requirements are set in the future? Then we will identify them in time, together with you, and respond to them. We call this 'Forward Thinking'. This is a commitment we can make because we are the leaders in our industry.


Optimal process control for optimal compost quality

Our computers do precisely what they are designed to do. Composting organic material to achieve maximum quality. So that the compost can be used as a nutritional substrate that fully complies with the strict quality standards that apply to compost. And all using a minimum of time and energy. No wonder that Fancom composting computers earn their investment back in no time!

  • Lumina 751 fermentation computer, perfect control for optimal aeration 
  • Lumina 750 tunnel computer for optimal quality substrate

Growing phase

The better the growing room climate, the better the yields. The Fancom mushroom computer will create the ideal conditions for good mushroom development. You are guaranteed beds full of uniform mushrooms.

  • The Lumina 765.s controls the growing conditions for all mushroom varieties in maximum four growing rooms. 
  • The mux.s multiplexer, together with the 765.s, measures the co2 concentration in maximum 16 growing rooms.
  • The Lumina 767 automatic watering control saves time and has a positive influence on the quality of your mushrooms.