Automation solutions for mushroom production

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From compost to mushroom, Fancom creates the conditions for balanced mushroom growing. Fancom has a climate computer suitable for each phase of the production process, from fermentation to harvest. A complete system for commercial mushroom cultivation. Our system provides you with: 

  • Cost reduction
  • Quality improvement
  • Energy saving

Is the mortality rate in your farm too high?

View our climate solutions

Create a good climate in your farm and reduce mortality.

Are the CO2 emissions of your farm too high?

Read more about sustainable meat production

Automation systems contribute to energy savings and the reduction of ammonia, dust and noise emissions.

Do you have insufficient insight into the growth of your animals?

View our monitoring solutions

By weighing your animals automatically, you have continuous insight into the growth of your animals.

Do you lack insight into the performance of your farms?

Take a look at our data management solutions

Integrate the processes in your houses into one closed system and gain insight into all your houses' performance.

Next step in control of mushroom growing process

Our mushrooms production process systems are total solutions consisting of a control computer and peripheral equipment developed by experts with sound knowledge of the mushroom growing processes. Our Lumina controllers have easy to use touch screens with smart control functions, user friendly overviews and trend graphs, giving the user a quick overview of the situation in the growing rooms and tunnels. Learn more about the climate of mushrooms.

Our complete solutions

With a Fancom total automation system for mushroom growing rooms and tunnels, you get complete control over all processes in your rooms. One integrated tailor-made system takes care of a carefree operation. We put your mushrooms first and ensure the best possible growing and living conditions.

Compost fermentation – Phase 1

The perfect control for optimum aeration

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Substrate pasteurisation - Phase 2+3

Optimum quality of your substrate

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Mushroom growing phase

An effective mushroom growing system

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Growing exotic mushrooms

For higher production and better quality

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Watering control system for mushroom growing

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Information management in mushroom growing

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Computers don’t make mistakes
Fancom BVCase study

Computers don’t make mistakes

Optimal climate conditions in the fermentation bunkers at Coenegrachts Substraat
Fancom BVCase study

Optimal climate conditions in the fermentation bunkers at Coenegrachts Substraat

Lumina 765 and 767 for Mushroom grower Van den Boomen
Fancom BVCase study

Lumina 765 and 767 for Mushroom grower Van den Boomen

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