• 16.11.2021 Fancom present at VIV MEA with new Fantura tunnel inlet

    Fancom will be attending VIV MEA, in Abu Dhabi, U.A.E, from 23-25 November. On display at the stand will be our latest developments in the field of fully automated house technology, specifically targe... Read more

    Fantura tunnel inlet
  • 16.11.2021 Han Strijbos Marketing Manager at Fancom

    Han Strijbos joined Fancom as Marketing Manager on 11 October. In his new role, he will define our marketing strategy and be responsible for continuing to successfully roll out the Fancom brand worldw... Read more

    Han Strijbos - Marketing Manager
  • 28.09.2021 New I-Fan145 Xtra is simply the best fan for top performances with minimum energy consumption

    The large I-Fan145 Xtra excels in all the traits essential for fans in livestock housing; a virtually indestructible fan with exceptionally high performances and minimum energy consumption. View our l... Read more

    IF145 in practice
  • 26.07.2021 Available soon: I-Fan 145 Xtra

    Fancom's latest energy efficient fan is the largest in our I-Fan Xtra fan series and it can be safely labelled a ‘super fan’.... Read more

    I-fan 145
  • 13.07.2021 Missed the Fanevent ‘Energy efficient ventilation’?

    Last week we organised our second live Fanevent: ‘Energy efficient ventilation’. Missed it? No problem, we recorded the event so you don't have to miss this interesting information.... Read more

    FanEvent - Energy efficient ventilation
  • 23.06.2021 Fantura tunnel inlet prevents cold air drop with tunnel ventilation

    Fancom introduces a new tunnel inlet with unique features. The ingenious design prevents incoming air from dropping directly onto the animals. Your animals can benefit from the cooling effect of the a... Read more

    Fantura tunnel detail
  • 03.06.2021 Soon available: Fantura tunnel inlet

    Soon Fancom will come with a new Fantura tunnel inlet with unique features.... Read more

    Fantura tunnel inlet
  • 31.05.2021 Well earned retirement for Jan Haenraets

    On 21 September this year, Jan Haenraets will retire after 43 years of working at Fancom. Read the interview with Jan here.... Read more

    Jan Haenraets
  • 28.04.2021 Missed the Fanevent ‘The best start for young animals’?

    Last week we organised our first live Fanevent: ‘The best start for young animals’. Missed it? No problem, we recorded the event so you don't have to miss this interesting information.... Read more

    Fancom FanEvent
  • 28.04.2021 Lex van Leeuwen new Area Sales Manager at Fancom

    Lex van Leeuwen joined Fancom as an Area Sales Manager on1 April 2021. You could say that Lex was born and raised among mushrooms as his parents were growers who also traded mushrooms. Meet Lex.... Read more

    Lex van Leeuwen - Area Sales Manager
  • 01.04.2021 Erik Centen appointed Managing Director of Fancom BV

    Erik Centen has been appointed Managing Director of Fancom BV with effect from 1 April 2021. He will also be tasked with responsibility for the Instruments & Controls Group (ICG) of CTB, Inc., which i... Read more

    Erik Centen Fancom BV
  • 16.03.2021 Save even more energy with new I-fan Xtra fans

    Our energy efficient I-fan Xtra fans have been developed further. The new I-fan Xtra fans are extremely stable and even more energy-efficient than the current I-fans. The I-fan Xtra is the latest vers... Read more

    Wall mounted I-fans
  • 16.03.2021 Fancom congratulates Mohammad Aldweik on the EPEF award

    Mr Mohammad Aldweik, site manager at Al Jazeera Agricultural Company was presented with the Ross 400 Club award for the excellent technical results of the flocks for which he is responsible.... Read more

    Al Jazeera farm
  • 16.03.2021 NLW brings the Fancom style into production halls

    NLW has adapted the style of its production halls in line with the corporate identity of its partners. For example, the department where the fans and motors are assembled for Fancom has been decorated... Read more

    NLW - Fancom branding
  • 25.02.2021 Fancom introduces flexible light control

    Fancom is introducing an improved version of the light control for the Lumina 36/38 and 38H poultry computers. Various clock functionalities have been updated and expanded. From now on, any required l... Read more

    Lighting layers
  • 25.02.2021 New employees strengthen the Fancom team

    At a time when many of our people are working from home and the procedure of applying for a new job has taken on a different form, we still added five new employees to our team in the first month of t... Read more

    Werken bij Fancom - Software
  • 28.01.2021 Gijs Heldens new Area Sales Manager for Fancom

    Gijs Heldens joined Fancom as Area Sales Manager on 1 January. He will be responsible for the market in Scandinavia and the Baltic states. As the Fancom representative, he will work closely with our l... Read more

    Gijs Heldens
  • 28.01.2021 New high-tech machine for Fancom switch boxes

    In January, the switch box assembly department at Fancom started using a new high-tech machine that will help us with smarter wiring of switch boxes. The new wire terminal automatically creates the wi... Read more

    Wire terminal
  • 28.01.2021 Granja Avícola Agromiret: the importance of good quality and cost savings

    Our distributor New Farms in Spain recently realised the pioneering, turnkey project Granja Avícola Agromiret in the Alcarrás (Lleida), Spain. The poultry house measures 130x15 meters and can house 35... Read more

  • 17.12.2020 Lumina Touch+ creates overview in switch box

    Earlier this year we introduced the Lumina Touch+, the familiar Lumina control computer but with an extra large, 12 inch operating screen. The Touch+ version has been welcomed by the market and when i... Read more

    Lumina Touch+ in switchbox
  • 17.12.2020 Online activities a success in challenging times

    The sales force at Fancom has never spent so much time in its home territory as this year. In a normal year some of them usually travel abroad two-thirds of the time, but in this extraordinary year we... Read more

    Online Sales Meeting
  • 23.11.2020 Better compost quality with the upgraded Fancom Lumina 751 fermentation computer

    Whether it's open, semi-open or closed bunkers, the upgraded Lumina 751 creates the perfect nutrient medium to grow mushrooms. The update is available immediately and makes the fermentation process ev... Read more

    Bunker Lumina 751
  • 29.10.2020 Technical Service progressing on the digital highway

    Since March of this year, we have been faced with severe travel restrictions that make it difficult for our team to visit customers. Despite this, technical support for our customers has continued. Af... Read more

    Intellitek online support
  • 29.10.2020 Several students work at Fancom

    It's something you maybe wouldn't realise, the offices at Fancom are empty and nearly everyone is working from home. Even so, there are currently several students working for us.... Read more

    Werken bij Fancom - Software
  • 25.08.2020 Updated Lumina 750 tunnel computer is ready for the future

    A new version of the Lumina 750 tunnel computer is available, which ensures optimum climate conditions during phase II and III processes in tunnel systems for mushroom cultivation.... Read more

    Phase 2-3 - Pasteurisation tunnel
  • 20.07.2020 Lumina Touch+ with extra large operating screen

    For added ease of operation, the Fancom Lumina control computers are now also available with an extra large,12 inch operating screen. This larger screen makes it easier to readout information on the s... Read more

    Lumina Touch Plus - Section
  • 15.07.2020 No attendance by Fancom at trade fairs in 2020

    In light of the uncertain developments surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, Fancom has decided not to attend any trade fairs in 2020.... Read more

    eYeGrow at Eurotier 2018
  • 29.06.2020 Simon Haazen appointed Area Sales Manager at Fancom

    As of 1 July 2020, Simon Haazen will start working at Fancom as an Area Sales Manager. In his new role, Simon will be responsible for sales and commercial support for our customers in Scandinavia and ... Read more

    Simon Haazen - Area Sales Manager
  • 02.06.2020 DesertControl in Lumina poultry computers prevents heat stress in young animals

    With extremely high outdoor temperatures, young chicks can also experience heat stress. The solution is the new DesertControl functionality in Lumina poultry computers. This automatically ensures that... Read more

    Farm in hot climate
  • 27.05.2020 Sieb Hubens is a new Technical Service Engineer at Fancom

    Sieb Hubens joined Fancom as a Technical Service Engineer on 1 April 2020. In this role, Sieb will provide technical support to our network of distributors and the end users of our equipment.... Read more

    Sieb Hubens - Technical Service Engineer
  • 23.04.2020 Improved ease of use for the new Lumina Touch+ climate controllers

    As from May 1st, Fancom's Lumina Touch climate computers are available in a Touch+ version with a large 12” touch screen controller. Fancom Lumina climate computers are appreciated worldwide for their... Read more

    Lumina Touch Plus - Section
  • 23.04.2020 Joost van de Mortel switches roles to become a Technical Service Engineer

    As of 1 March 2020, Joost van de Mortel has been working as a Technical Service Engineer at Fancom. In his new role, Joost will be providing technical support for our distributors and customers in the... Read more

    Joost van de Mortel - Technical service engineer
  • 23.04.2020 Augmented reality increases the capabilities of our assembly team

    Fancom is currently conducting research in collaboration with TNO Leiden and Metaalunie on the potential application of augmented reality (AR) in our assembly department. The application of AR is an i... Read more

    Augmented Reality assembly
  • 30.03.2020 New Fantura ceiling inlet for better animal performance

    In addition to the double air inlet for ceilings, Fancom is also introducing a single version especially for animal housing with celling ventilation. The single ceiling inlet has been specially desig... Read more

    Fantura single ceiling inlet in pig house
  • 30.03.2020 Patricia van den Bekerom new Technical Service Manager

    Patricia van den Bekerom has been appointed Technical Service Manager at Fancom BV in Panningen since 1 March 2020. In her new role, she and her team of service engineers are responsible for providing... Read more

    Patricia van de Bekerom
  • 16.03.2020 Fancom and corona

    At Fancom we also take all necessary measures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus. The health and safety of our employees and customers is number one priority! This means, among other things, th... Read more

    Corona virus update
  • 20.02.2020 Luc Rooijakkers new area sales manager

    With effect from 1 January 2020, Luc Rooijakkers was appointed as Area Sales Manager for our clients in the Middle East. His first introduction to our sector is his parent's breeder broiler farm, wher... Read more

    Luc Rooijakkers advices farmer
  • 18.02.2020 Venky's group sets an example in the Indian poultry industry

    With its new breeder-broiler farm, the Venky's Group is building an example poultry house in which optimum animal performance is combined with a particularly low energy consumption. The project compri... Read more

    Venky's - I-fan 52"
  • 28.01.2020 Cool houses in hot climates

    From 9-11 March 2020, the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Center will be opening its doors for the third edition of VIV MEA. Fancom is also attending this trade fair for the Middle East and Africa regio... Read more

    Farm in hot climate
  • 28.01.2020 Energy savings of 85% feasible with Fancom's I-fan 52" Xtra

    Fancom offers a range of fans that are supremely energy efficient. The star performer currently is our extra large I-fan 52". The fan combines a high air output with exceptionally low energy consumpti... Read more

    I-Fan 52 - India
  • 28.01.2020 A great climate for growth for 23.000 piglets

    In Villanuova, Italy, our partner Evoteck constructed a new piglet farm that houses over 23,000 piglets. The exceptionally long house of 300 metres is divided into 55 sections, each holding 420 piglet... Read more

    Villanuova Pig House 01
  • 14.11.2019 New heat exchange control in the Lumina 38H climate computer

    Fancom is introducing a completely renewed heat exchange control in the Lumina 38H poultry computer. The Lumina 38H is a special version of the Fancom poultry computer in which the heat exchanger cont... Read more

    Heat exchanger outside
  • 28.10.2019 More ease of operation for Lumina 21 climate computer

    The Lumina 21 climate computer for pig houses now offers even more ease of use. The advanced climate computer has been expanded with a number of clear operating screens that give users an improved ove... Read more

    Lumina 21 in Korea
  • 09.10.2019 Ensure an optimum start for your young broilers with the new MicroControl

    The Fancom Lumina poultry computer has a completely new MicroControl feature that gives the animals a good start by further optimising the minimum ventilation. Accurate minimum ventilation is crucial ... Read more

    MicroControl logo
  • 09.10.2019 Optisec control in Fancom computers reduces heating costs

    Now autumn has begun and outside temperatures are rapidly falling, it is a good moment to critically examine the ventilation settings. To avoid unnecessarily extracting heat from the house by ventilat... Read more

    Heating poultry farm
  • 11.09.2019 Fancom at OVUM 2019 in Peru - Poultry Congress

    From 9 – 11 October, Fancom will attend OVUM 2019, the XXVI Latin American Poultry Congress in Peru, where it will show our Lumina control program, which contributes to Fancom’s aim to improve operati... Read more

    Visit us at OVUM 2019
  • 11.09.2019 Ed Warner about Lumina: “A very versatile, practical system”

    Ed Warner from Great Ness Poultry in United Kingdom explains his choice for Fancom and J.F. McKenna.... Read more

    Ed Warner - poultry farmer in Shropshire, United Kingdom
  • 11.09.2019 Automatic farrowing feeding is worthwhile

    Utilise the sow's feed intake capacity optimally and your animals stay in top condition!... Read more

    Farotek machine
  • 15.07.2019 Fancom engineers customer-specific switch boxes faster and more efficiently

    Fancom has significantly improved the engineering process for control panels. This means that we can build our customer-specific switch boxes more easily, faster, more efficiently and error-free.... Read more

    Switchbox poultry farm
  • 15.07.2019 Innov’Space award for energy saving ATM adaptor

    Our French sister company Fancom Eurl in Vitré has won an Innov’star for a special ATM adapter for central exhaust ducts. The adapter box reduces the air resistance in the central duct and thus improv... Read more

    ATM adapter Fancom EURL Innov'Space 2019
  • 15.07.2019 Extra ease of use with Infinia Remote App for Mushroom computers

    Fancom is introducing a handy app to remotely control the Fancom Lumina mushroom computers. The new Infinia Remote App keeps you in touch with the computers at your mushroom farm, no matter where you ... Read more

    Infinia Remote app for mushrooms
  • 10.07.2019 Participants enthusiastic about user training 765 growing computer

    Fancom is travelling around the world to give a two-day training session to users of the 765 mushroom computer. The first sessions took place in Ireland in recent weeks and the participants mentioned ... Read more

    Participants user training 765 growing computer
  • 26.06.2019 Distributor training is top priority

    In recent weeks we have again provided training sessions for our distributors in various places in the world.... Read more

    Fancom training
  • 26.06.2019 New turkey weighing scale for reliable measurement results

    A new turkey weighing scale has been available since 1 June. The completely new design is practical and maintenance-free. It ensures extremely reliable measurement results so that turkey producers can... Read more

    Weighing turkey
  • 19.06.2019 New backdraught shutter improves the house climate

    Fancom's new backdraught shutter prevents climate fluctuations and contributes to a stable house climate. Wind influences will be reduced, the animals will experience less stress and they will benefit... Read more

  • 19.06.2019 New ease of use with Fancom Infinia remote app

    The Infinia Remote App is available for all Fancom Lumina poultry computers. Fancom's new Remote App provides users with a total overview of the current situation in the poultry houses 24/7, anywhere ... Read more

    Arteria app
  • 29.04.2019 Labour saving watering system with the Lumina 767

    An automatic watering control saves time and has a positive influence on the quality of your mushrooms. The new Lumina 767 controls the amount of water in one or two growing rooms.... Read more

    Watering system mushrooms
  • 29.04.2019 New eYeGrow system with practical camera

    The new camera for the Fancom eYeGrow system for weighing finishers has been specially developed for use in the pig house and is aimed at years of trouble-free operation of the weighing system.... Read more

    eYeGrow - Weight monitor for finishers
  • 18.04.2019 Next step in control; more ease of use for the Lumina mushroom computers

    The Lumina mushroom computers are now even more easy to use. The new Lumina software has been expanded with a number of clear operating screens, which makes management of the intelligent controls of ... Read more

    Lumina 765
  • 03.04.2019 Next step in control with Lumina at the Dutch Pork Expo

    Take the next step in automating your pig farm. Get complete control of the daily management of your farm and enhance productivity. Visit us at the Dutch Pork Expo on 16 and 17 april.... Read more

    Lumina - Next step in control
  • 20.02.2019 Next step in control at VIV Asia

    Join us in our next step in control and visit us at VIV Asia. Fancom will show the latest on complete control solutions for the daily operational management of your farm to improve productivity.... Read more

    Fancom at VIV Asia
  • 27.11.2018 Jan Haenraets celebrates 40 years at Fancom

    On 1 December we will celebrate the 40th work anniversary of our colleague Jan Haenraets. Jan has worked at Fancom since its very beginning, as an engineer at our Technical Service department. He has ... Read more

    Jan Haenraets on tour
  • 27.11.2018 Successful Fast Forward distributor meeting

    The Distributor Meeting took place in the weekend of 9 and 10 November. Together with our main distributors in Europe, Canada and North and Latin America, we prepared for our joint participation at Eu... Read more

    Fast Forward distributor meeting team
  • 27.11.2018 eYeGrow eye-catcher at Eurotier

    At Eurotier the increasing need of pig producers for a reliable system that enables their finishers to be tracked from day to day was evident. The options offered by Fancom’s eYeGrow perfectly answer ... Read more

    eYeGrow at Eurotier 2018
  • 08.11.2018 New Fantura double ceiling inlet for the best growth conditions

    Fancom introduces a unique inlet, especially for houses with ceiling ventilation, that ensures a constant, uniform supply of fresh air throughout the house, even in extremely wide buildings. It effect... Read more

    Fantura ceiling inlet
  • 06.11.2018 Farms in Australia are now using Fancom's eYeGrow

    Farms in Australia are now using Fancom’s award winning eYeGrow. With many integrators putting a major focus on Precision Livestock farming, Fancom's distributor Metrowest recently installed its first... Read more

    eYeGrow Australia
  • 24.05.2018 eYeGrow no-stress permanent weighing of finishers

    At VIV Europe in the Netherlands, Fancom will be showing eYeGrow, a complete new 3D camera system for the weighing of finishers. eYeGrow allows the development of a group of finishers to be followed f... Read more

    eYeGrow on ceiling
  • 24.05.2018 IFarming | Putting a number on sustainability

    In the innovation gallery at VIV Europe, Fancom will present its vision of the opportunities provided by an automatic sustainability dashboard. This dashboard collects data generated by the house comp... Read more

    Sustainability Dashboard
  • 24.05.2018 New Fantura ceiling inlet and Fantura sliding inlet

    During VIV Europe, Fancom will be displaying two new Fantura air inlet systems. Fancom's successful Fantura air inlet system has been expanded with the addition of a ceiling inlet and a sliding inlet.... Read more

    Plafondventiel Fantura.JPG
  • 18.05.2018 Fancom at CAHE China - Next Step

    NEXT STEP IN  CONTROL! As usual Fancom will attend the CAHE 2018 in China! We will be there to introduce our new products, which include our new eYeGrow camera based pig weight system and our upgra... Read more

  • 17.05.2018 Next step in control; more ease of use for Lumina

    The Lumina poultry computers are now even more easy to use.  The new Lumina software has been expanded with the addition of a number of clear operating screens that give users an improved overview of ... Read more

    Lumina37 Touch
  • 28.02.2018 Think Green World Tour

    It is our mission to show the world that technology is already enabling us to produce animal-friendly meat on a large scale. That is why you will regularly see us at exhibitions and congresses. Using ... Read more

  • 19.10.2017 AURA 37, the easiest way to the best results

    Fancom will be introducing the new AURA 37 poultry computer on 1 November. The AURA 37 is a simple controller for mechanical ventilation in one poultry house up to approx. 25,000 birds.... Read more

    Aura 37 - Klimaatcomputer voor pluimveestallen
  • 19.10.2017 Peter Bruijnen 40 years at Fancom

    On 1 October last, Peter Bruijnen celebrated his 40-year work anniversary at Fancom. In the first years of his employment Peter could mostly be found in our customers’ pig or poultry houses, installin... Read more

    Peter Bruynen - 40 jaar bij Fancom
  • 19.10.2017 User very excited about Rondomat

    “Improved pig growth, simplicity and time saving”. This is how Rondomat users summarize the advantages of this sensor controlled automatic feeder. Rondomat helps ensure a smooth post-weaning transitio... Read more

    Whiteshire RondoMat
  • 31.08.2017 Join the Fancom webinars!

    In support of our strategy to improve education and training, we initiated a series of monthly webinars for commercial trainings to our key distributors. A webinar is a live web-based video conference... Read more

    Webinar - Header
  • 31.08.2017 Special issue about Precision Livestock Farming from the Animal Frontiers magazine

    Fancom’s research team contributed to different articles on Precision Livestock Farming in Animal Frontiers magazine. Animal Frontiers is an international review magazine of animal agriculture managed... Read more

    Animal Frontiers
  • 01.06.2017 Avoid heat stress - activate your HumiTemp control!

    Activate HumiTemp on your Fancom climate controller and prevent your animals suffering from heat stress. It's not just the temperature that influences the house climate - it's actually the combination... Read more

    Lumina 38 Touch
  • 01.06.2017 Fancom in Nature Magazine

    We are proud to announce that Fancom and a number of our biometric sensors were mentioned in an article in the leading journal Nature. This English scientific journal is regarded worldwide as one of t... Read more

    Cover Nature
  • 04.05.2017 Fancom at CAHE China

    From 18 – 20 May 2017 Fancom will attend CAHE in Qingdoa, China, where it will introduce a number of new products which contribute to Fancom’s aim to improve operational processes in the house. Focus ... Read more

  • 30.03.2017 Stable ammonia sensor for healthier animals

    Animals perform better in a good climate. A good environment is more than just the right ambient temperature and relative humidity. Over-high carbon dioxide and ammonia concentrations are harmful for ... Read more

    Ammonia sensor
  • 03.03.2017 Intelligent Greenline Pad Cooling prevents heat stress

    For efficient cooling in pig and poultry houses, Fancom offers Greenline Pad Cooling. This system uses cooling units that cool the incoming air using water that flows through a synthetic pad installed... Read more

  • 17.02.2017 New Aura 70 EasyFeed computer

    The new AURA 70 EasyFeed feed computer is now available. The AURA 70 is a feed computer especially for the EasyFeed system for volume dosing at house level without feed weighing. The AURA 70 can be us... Read more

    Aura 70 voercomputer
  • 27.01.2017 Yoshimoto Agri introduces FaroTek farrowing feeding system in Japan

    Fancom partner Yoshimoto Agri just finished the first pig production project in Japan using the Fancom Farotek farrowing feeding system for individual feeding of sows in the farrowing house. A total o... Read more

  • 09.10.2016 Fancom participates in new AgroConnect data standard

    Fancom's control computers and management software comply with the new AgroConnect data standard. This enables relevant management information such as feed and water consumption, climate data, animal ... Read more