A comfortable environment for Roquefort cheese production

A comfortable environment for Roquefort cheese production

In February 2024, the Gaec de Reilles, located in the commune of La Canourgue in Lozère, commissioned its new sheep shed to house its flock of 1,250 adult dairy sheep. The farm is located in the Roquefort zone in the South of France, and the milk produced is used to make the cheese of the same name.

The lambs are born in January. The animals are housed in stables in this mid-mountain area (650 m altitude), where the winter climate is quite harsh. The ventilation system is essential for a healthy, comfortable environment. The lambs are suckled by their mothers for a month before the milking period begins, which lasts until September.

From April onwards, when the fine weather arrives, the ewes will go out to feed in the spring pastures during the afternoon, before returning to the building at the end of the day for milking and spending the night there. At the height of summer, they will go out to graze in the morning, and then return to the shed to protect themselves from the summer heat. Ventilation is essential to ensure comfortable conditions despite the heat.

Our distributor in the area, Ets BOUDOU in Lauras, which has specialized in sheep sheds for 40 years, installed the Fancom ventilation equipment in line with the concept and specifications of our French colleagues.

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