A great climate for growth for 23.000 piglets

A great climate for growth for 23.000 piglets

In Villanuova, Italy, our partner Evoteck constructed a new piglet farm that houses over 23,000 piglets. The exceptionally long house of 300 metres is divided into 55 sections, each holding 420 piglets.

Two controllable fans, one of which is the energy efficient I-fan 63, are mounted in the ridge of each section. These fans ensure an efficient flow of fresh air that grows with the needs of the animals. The Fantura air inlet system directs the incoming air to the ridge of the section. Delta tubes, installed below the air inlets, heat the sections efficiently.

Lumina controls the house

The climate system in the entire house is controlled by four Lumina 21 climate computers, installed together centrally for a convenient overview of the entire building. An IVM Touch is installed in the central corridor of each section. This controls the fans and gives the farm manager an instant overview of the important data for each section.

The result is a uniform climate in the sections and an environment that encourages optimal growth and piglet performance.

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