AURA 37, the easiest way to the best results

AURA 37, the easiest way to the best results

Fancom will be introducing the new AURA 37 poultry computer on 1 November. The AURA 37 is a simple controller for mechanical ventilation in one poultry house up to approx. 25,000 birds.

The main features of the AURA 37 are the clear displays with extremely simple navigation. Easy to understand symbols give users a clear overview of the situation in the house at all times and quick intervention is possible in the event of any deviations. A curve control accurately regulates the indoor climate to suit the needs of the animals. Clear feed and water consumption registration gives users insight into the feed costs and the animals’ health status. Another handy feature is the direct link to FarmManager for remote operation and clear graphs for climate data analysis

We are convinced that the AURA 37 is a worthy successor to the familiar FC controllers. It offers the same reliability and wide range of control features, but with enhanced ease of operation and clear overviews for the user on the large touch screen displays.



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