Automatic pre-recognition incorporated in Intellitek sow feeding station

Automatic pre-recognition incorporated in Intellitek sow feeding station

The Intellitek feeding station for pregnant sows in group housing has been expanded with pre-recognition. This automatically detects and separates sows without an ear tag from the group. Sows that lose their RIFD ear tag are not recognised by the sow feeding station, which means they’re unable to access the station and eat. This creates stress and unrest in the group. The new pre-recognition allows sows that report to the feeding station without an ear tag to be admitted. 


How does pre-recognition work?

The extra gates at the entrance of the feeding station have an infrared sensor that detects a sow arriving at the station. Even if the RIFD sensor in the entrance gate doesn’t detect an ear tag, the sow will be admitted to the station. Once inside, she’s given a small, pre-set portion of feed, and is then separated from the group so that the sow farmer can immediately replace the ear tag.

Reduce stress in the group

A feeling of hunger is a chronic stress factor for a pregnant sow. This can adversely affect the implantation of the embryos and increase the chance of returner sows. In addition, it leads to aggression between the sows in the group. A pregnant sow that fails to feed over a longer time period loses condition. In some cases this can even lead to abortion. Extra pre-recognition puts an end to these problems.

Your sows in top condition

The new pre-recognition ensures your sows can eat without interruption. This is highly desirable, both from a welfare point of view and in making sure the sow's cycle is not disrupted, so that she remains in top condition at all times.

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Also available for existing systems

The new pre-recognition is available as an option on all Intellitek feeding stations with selection gates. This new option can also be added to existing installations. View the new Intellitek option at our Eurotier stand, or ask your installer about the possibilities for your farm.

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