Avoid heat stress - activate your HumiTemp control!

Avoid heat stress - activate your HumiTemp control!

Activate HumiTemp on your Fancom climate controller and prevent your animals suffering from heat stress. It's not just the temperature that influences the house climate - it's actually the combination of humidity and temperature. HumiTemp calculates the combination of humidity and temperature and takes this as the basis for the optimal fan position. In our climate zone, heat often comes partnered with high relative humidity, which can greatly increase the stress factor for poultry. Heat stress occurs when high temperatures and high humidity prevent an animal from regulating its own body temperature. This impacts on animal health.

Unique method

Traditional ventilation systems often control just based on the temperature, or with a simple correction to the humidity, and fail to take into account the temperature in the house - whereas it is precisely the relationship between temperature and humidity that is so influential on the climate in the house. The HumiTemp ventilation control takes these factors into consideration and always calculates the combination of humidity and temperature (humidex index). This is then used as the basis for the optimal fan position. This unique method automatically ensures that at high outside temperatures in combination with high humidity, ventilation increases to avoid the animals suffering any heat stress.


HumiTemp works continuously and is especially effective early in the morning, for example, or during sudden storms when the temperature drops sharply and the air starts to condense (dew point). Under these conditions, the relative humidity will show an explosive increase creating an oppressive climate in the poultry house. This effect is automatically compensated for by the HumiTemp  control.

Optimal performance

The risk of heat stress increases as the ambient temperature perceived in the house exceeds 28-30ºC with high relative humidity. Heat stress has an immense impact on the technical performance of your birds. The feed intake will fall and water consumption will rise. Chicks will become lethargic and their growth will stagnate. All reasons to take steps to ensure your birds perform optimally even during the summer months and stay in the best possible condition!

Standard feature

HumiTemp is a standard control feature of Fancom's Lumina 37 and 38 climate controllers. Using a RH meter and a few settings, you can rely on providing your birds with the best possible climate in the house even in the hot summer months.

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