DesertControl in Lumina poultry computers prevents heat stress in young animals

DesertControl in Lumina poultry computers prevents heat stress in young animals

With extremely high outdoor temperatures, young chicks can also experience heat stress. The solution is the new DesertControl functionality in Lumina poultry computers. This automatically ensures that cooled air flows into the house even in the minimum ventilation range and creates a better environment for young animals in the crucial first weeks of a production cycle. Your animals will not suffer from extreme heat but will continue to grow and develop better.

Cooled air keeps your animals in their comfort zone

The control is based on Fancom’s MTT ventilation system. MTT ensures a gradual transition from minimum to maximum ventilation. With young animals, minimum ventilation is active and fresh air enters the house via the inlets in the side gable. When the outside temperature is higher than the required house temperature, we want to prevent warm outside air from entering the house. In this situation, DesertControl closes the inlets, opens the tunnel inlet and activates the pad cooling system. Cooled air flows into the house at an appropriate speed so it can mix well with the air inside the house. This allows you to maintain the temperature in the house in the comfort zone of your animals during extreme outside conditions.

Greenline pad cooling.png

When the outside temperature decreases again, DesertControl responds fully automatically to the required temperature setpoint by gradually controlling the air through the inlets again. This gradual transition ensures an undisturbed house climate.  This prevents your animals from experiencing stress and avoids unnecessary mortality and inhibited growth.

Avoid heat stress in young animals

DesertControl is especially suitable for applications in warm climate zones where the outside temperature increases rapidly in a short time. DesertControl also cools the incoming air in the minimum ventilation range so that we can prevent heat stress being experienced by young animals too. The feed and water consumption levels will be maintained under all conditions and your animals will continue to grow. Ventilation is kept in the minimum position to ensure low air speeds and prevent draughts at animal level. DesertControl automatically ensures a perfectly controlled climate in your house. Optimal conditions are vital for a top performance by your animals.

Also for existing users

DesertControl is a standard option in the latest versions of Fancom's Lumina 36, 38 and 38H climate computers. Existing users can also benefit from the advantages of DesertControl by updating their systems.


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