Excellent BessLab report for Fancom I-Fan 145 & FAN 145 on/off

Excellent BessLab report for Fancom I-Fan 145 & FAN 145 on/off

We are very proud that also BessLab confirms Fancom fans are one of the best performing and sustainable fans available in the market. Last month BessLab published the results of the tests of the I-Fan 145 and the Fan-145 on/off, which showed that the large Fancom 57” fan can compete with the best fans in the market in terms of capacity and energy efficiency.


The choice of the best fan for your situation is easy, there is one type of motor you can use and which suits all kinds of conditions. This is possible thanks to the extremely accurate fan control (continuously variable from 54 to 610 rpm) without compromising on stability and fan capacity. This fan also performs extremely well in the minimum ventilation range.

Nice to know as well, next to the excellent test reports BessLab also complimented us for the fact the fans were that easy to mount. Next to the extensive safety functions of the Fancom fans.

The Bio environmental and Structural System (BESS) Laboratory is a research, product-testing and educational laboratory. The lab provides unbiased engineering data to aid in the selection and design of agricultural buildings and assists equipment manufacturers in developing better products. Agricultural ventilation fans is also one of BessLab’s area of expertise

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