eYeGrow no-stress permanent weighing of finishers

eYeGrow no-stress permanent weighing of finishers

At VIV Europe in the Netherlands, Fancom will be showing eYeGrow, a complete new 3D camera system for the weighing of finishers. eYeGrow allows the development of a group of finishers to be followed from day to day. You have the certainty of optimal animal performance and no unpleasant surprises at the end of a fattening cycle.

eYeGrow weighing system for pigs is unique with a 3D camera installed above the section, that continually monitors and registers the animals so the computer can accurately calculate their weight. The 3D camera is very accurate and weighs under all circumstances. No extra light is needed and also black and spotted pigs are monitored precisely. 

Stress free process

This weighing is an entirely automatic and stress-free process for the animals. Manual weighing causes stress, which will be reflected by a growth dip.  eYeGrow prevents this growth dip and requires no additional labour input.

The measurement data is stored in the cloud and important management information such as average weight, growth per day, number of measurements and uniformity is available 24/7 no matter where you are. 

Daily growth monitoring

Daily growth monitoring enables even better forecasting of the delivery weight, leading to higher payout prices. You can easily adapt your operational management towards an optimal feed strategy and save feed costs.

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